digiChart EHR - The Only EHR Specifically for OB/GYNs

You specialized for a reason. So did we.

In simple terms, you specialized to take care of OB/GYN patients, and so did we. digiChart EHR is a proven, focused Electronic Health Record solution that is ideally suited for the needs of your OB/GYN practice. We give you all the specialty tools, services, and education resources your practice needs to increase productivity and enhance patient care. We also have a team of experts who know how OB/GYN practices function and understand the clinical workflows and treatment plans you need.

Built for OB/GYNs by OB/GYNs

It’s unique OB Flowsheet is an essential tool for an OB practice with lots of deliveries. The OB Flowsheet allows you to work in one screen. You can see all your patient information in one place. And, it’s more than just a “view.” It’s an interactive document that allows you to enter a visit note, document an exam, include diagnoses, labs/ultrasounds, and even book return appointments without leaving the screen.

The EHR mirrors the OB/GYN workflow with predetermined all normal findings in the Physical Exam – Pelvic, Breast and General exams. This feature eliminates clicks and allows you to document by exception only when needed.

The OB Flowsheet follows the patient to labor and delivery electronically through our integrated real time ACOG Form. It provides read-only access at no additional charge to hospital staff any time day or night eliminating the need for lengthy copying and faxing at this all important time.

Treatment plan templates let you create reusable assessment and plan documentation for your commonly used diagnosis codes, procedure codes, medications, education materials, and return appointments. With the increased focused on quality measures, it is more important than ever to efficiently and consistently deliver and document high quality care.

Client Education

Continued success and productivity depend on the ability of your staff to build a solid understanding of the functionality in digiChart. Ongoing training for current and new employees is essential for consistent learning and to improve the performance of your staff.

The digiChart Learning Management System, powered by SmarterU, offers self-paced learning modules available anytime and anywhere there is an internet connection.

Every practice has access to a library of courses that have clear and concise instructions on specific digiChart functionality. And, courses can be taken sequentially or individually to meet a specific educational need.

The learning environment includes more than 25 modules on topics encompassing how to add/edit users, document OB and GYN visits, access treatment plans, configure medication formularies, review labs, interact with the patient portal, run reports, and so much more.