Multiple studies show that Amazing Charts is the most usable EHR system on the market. Frustrated with slow software that requires dozens of clicks to document a simple note? Overwhelmed by confusing windows and menus? Try Amazing Charts instead!

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Priced at just $1,195 annually (plus one-time $1,200 per clinician license) for support, updates, and even eRx, Amazing Charts is not only the #1 rated ambulatory EHR, it's a solution you can actually afford.

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Amazing Charts is FREE to try in your own practice. Curious why Amazing Charts is consistently ranked as the top EHR for usability? Download a trial now and start documenting patient visits in just minutes.


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Sometimes, you just have to see software in action with your own eyes. We have a large library of Amazing Charts videos. Click here to start watching. Or register for a webinar to learn about new products and services designed to increase practice efficiency, drive revenue, and improve patient care.