"Amazing Charts not only makes me more productive and financially secure, it also lets me spend more time with my fiancè."

— Adam Lauer, DO, Twin City Family Medicine, Maine


Fair and Transparent Pricing

FREE trial!

First, try Amazing Charts FREE to be sure it works for your practice.

Then $1,495 per clinician!

If you like it, buy a license for each clinician. This covers all other staff in the practice.

Support & Maintenance: $1,495 per clinician annually! Or $1,195 per clinician annually for AC in the Cloud users.

Our annual support and maintenance subscription costs just $1,495/year per clinician for the on-premise system. This includes access to the latest version of Amazing Charts software, database updates, technical support services, and eRx. The support cost is $1,195/year per clinician for practices using our cloud service.

Please note that in order to take advantage of most of our products or services, an active subscription to our annual Guardian Angel Support & Maintenance package is required.

Refreshingly Straightforward (& Reasonable) Pricing

We believe EHR systems should be priced fairly and transparently. All our pricing is clearly displayed below, so there are no surprises later. Read about our Costs and Limitations information here.

Amazing Charts Software License

Our pricing is based solely on the number of clinicians who make patient-care decisions (i.e., physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners). You DO NOT have to pay for secretaries, office managers, medical assistants, or even nurses, nor do you have to pay based on the number of computers you have.

$1,495 per clinician (one-time)

Guardian Angel Maintenance & Support (details)

$1,495/year per clinician


*Price is $1,195/year per clinician for AC in the Cloud users.

Implementation and On-boarding 


Upgrade Services

If you want us to perform a version upgrade for you (rather than completing via the client portal), there's a fee for this service: main computer/server only: $200; main computer/server and up to 5 local computers: $400; each additional local computer: $50.

Self-Guided Training (e.g., videos, webinars, user guides, etc.)


Live Training, including classroom, 1:1 remote, and onsite at your practice. Your sales rep can recommend a personalized training package designed for your practice needs.



Costs vary by package and type. Ask your sales rep. 

Amazing Charts Practice Management (optional, details)

Starts at $249/month per practice for one clinician 

Amazing Charts Practice Management Implementation and On-boarding

$1,250 per practice, which includes clearinghouse and insurance enrollment services, as well as two 60-minute one-on-one training sessions prior to the go-live date. Six additional 60-minute training sessions are provided within the first 60 days.

Amazing Charts in the Cloud (optional, details)

Starts at $34/month per seat

* price requires one year commitment

Amazing Backup (optional, details)

$300/year per practice, plus $50 for each additional provider

Amazing Reminders (optional, details)

Starts at $49/month per practice

Patient Portal, Direct Messaging and Immunization Submissions to State Registries

Beginning 4/1/18 we will offer direct messaging and immunization submissions as optional add on services. All providers interested in these services can contact us to use them for no cost until 4/1/18.

-Portal & direct messaging $24.60 per month, per provider (billed $295 annually).      

-Immunization submissions $16.25 per month, per provider (billed $195 annually).

Interfaces to third party programs and services (optional, details

  • Laboratory and radiology interfaces: $0 to $950. (Most practices receive this interface free because the lab or radiology company pays the fee.)
  • Interface to third-party practice management programs: $750 per practice
  • Interfaces to medical device hardware (ECG, Spirometry, Holter, etc.): $250 each
  • Other interfaces and pricing: click here for details

For laboratory, radiology and/or practice management interfaces, a maintenance fee will be calculated as follows:

  • 1-2 interfaces in total: $150 per year per interface
  • 3-4 interfaces in total: $100 per year per interface
  • 5-14 interfaces in total: $70 per year per interface
  • 15+ interfaces in total: $60 per year per interface

The maintenance fee for medical device hardware interfaces is $50 per year per interface


There are no annual interface maintenance fees for Updox and State Immunization interfaces.


Interface charges are for Amazing Charts' connection to the third-party product only. Many of these third-party products cost money themselves, and/or may charge more for their side of the interface to an EHR. 

Cost varies by vendor. Ask your sales rep.

The fine print: All prices and services are subject to change without notice and you must agree to our terms to use our software and/or services.

Our Pledge: We will treat you fairly, honestly, and the way we would want to be treated ourselves. We want you to be thrilled! Thrilled with our software, our services, and our fair pricing. Happy clients mean good word-of-mouth, and good word-of-mouth is why we are the highest rated EHR and one of the fastest growing companies in the country.