“I particularly appreciate the pleasant 'can do' attitude of everyone at Amazing Charts, especially the technical support staff."

— Linda Gilliland, PhD


Let Us Help You

Subscribers to Guardian Angel Support can access technicians on weekdays from 8 am to 8 pm Eastern Time.

Product Support

The Guardian Angel Product Support team specializes in teaching users how to operate Amazing Charts. Not sure how to write an order? Wondering how to renew a medication? Need help with Meaningful Use?

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Technical Support

The Guardian Angel Technical Support team specializes in setup, installation and the functionality of Amazing Charts. If you need help getting started with Amazing Charts, or if a function of Amazing Charts is not working properly.

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Help Yourself

Over 90% of all technical problems can be solved just by restarting your computer! Before freaking out, simply reboot your computer(s) and/or your router. If you are still having problems, most of the issues experienced by users have been seen (and solved) previously. Enter your issue into the Search box at the top of this web page to search our entire knowledgebase.

You can also look on at our user documentation to find an answer to your issue.

  • How-To Guide for Users: Our how-to guide explains how to use Amazing Charts, from how new users can be added to how to send electronic prescriptions.
  • Video Tutorials: Video tutorials are available on a range of subjects, including Installation, Meaningful Use and Encounters. These videos are a mix of short tutorials created by our technical support staff, recordings of lectures given at past user conferences, and recorded versions of our daily, live webinars.
  • User Board: Visit the User Board to talk about everything Amazing Charts with both technical support staff and their peers.
  • Troubleshooting: This page includes a link of possible solutions to some technical problems our users have experienced