Podiatry EHR

Your patients deserve to have you present as much as possible during appointments. The best podiatry EHR software allows you to spend more time with patients because an intuitive system requires less input from you to get the information you need. Find out how you can save time on paperwork and give more attention to your patients with the right podiatry EHR solution.


Key Features of Podiatry EHR Software

Support at Hand

You shouldn’t have to do your own troubleshooting if you have a problem. Make sure that you get EHR software that offers support over the phone, email, or chat. Having support from the software makers means you are never alone when you have technical concerns or product questions.

Regularly Updated Software

Changes happen regularly within the medical field. Look at how Medicaid and Medicare have shifted in recent years to rewarding practitioners for giving patients more time and quality care. The metrics used over time have also changed from Meaningful Use to today’s Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS).

Your podiatry practice needs EHR software that updates to accommodate such major changes. By keeping up with the latest requirements, your investment in your EHR will continue to reward you in the future.

Customizable Templates and Reporting

Many types of software have standardized templates and reporting queries. You should have the power to make your own. Amazing Charts makes customizing templates fast and simple. With our customized templates and more detailed reporting queries, you mold the program into exactly what your practice needs to best help your patients.

Podiatry EHR Software

Patient Portal for Patient Communication Outside of Visits

Patients may have questions before or after their visits with you. A patient portal integrated with the EHR allows them to send you secure messages instead of calling. This messaging system ensures patient privacy of information with a HIPAA compliant system that allows you and the patient to send and receive messages when it is convenient for you.

Why Choose Amazing Charts Podiatry EHR Solutions

We pride ourselves at Amazing Charts for our software’s ability to meet the needs of podiatrists. We offer an affordable price, simple reporting, customizable templates, a system that anyone can learn to use quickly, and the option for cloud-based or locally-hosted software. Discover more about why you should add Amazing Charts to your practice.

Workflow for Podiatry EHR Systems

Make your workflow more efficient with EHR tools to facilitate your practice operations. Solutions for your podiatry practice built into the EHR include the following:

Your patient likely had a referral from their primary care provider, who hopefully sent you the patient’s health information and recent labs. Access this, radiology reports, lab results, and your previous notes in a simple charting system. One-click access to different parts of the chart lets you quickly switch views as needed. Plus, the easy-to-use interface will reduce the amount of training you and your staff need to learn how to use the system in your podiatry practice.  

A system built and coded by a physician means that you have the easiest-to-use EHR option available. Create reports quickly with pre-set queries. Or customize the queries to get more detailed reports based on the information you need. The process to create reports, even with customized queries, is as intuitive as the rest of the system.

Speed up your note-taking and reduce the chances of rewriting the same information with our templates. Customization of the templates also makes it easier for you to take notes the way that you want.

Sign a note in the patient’s chart, and the information goes toward generating a superbill. Billing can quickly access this electronic information when needed to create the final bill for the patient’s insurance or the patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about our podiatry EHR software? We have answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below:

Electronic health records (EHR) and electronic medical records (EMR) have many similarities and distinctive differences. Both allow you to record patient information in an electronic version of a medical chart. However, EMR uses typically end at that point. EHR software, like Amazing Charts, integrates powerful modules and improved interoperability for better communication among members of a patient’s treatment team. E-prescribing options, superbill creation, and customizable reporting and templates make our EHR a more effective alternative to EMR options for your podiatry practice. Boost the usability of this software even more by adding a practice management module or other solutions.

Yes! The latest version of our software stays up-to-date with tracking quality measures for the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) for Medicaid and Medicare. You can track your quality of care and ensure that your practice gets appropriate payments for the services rendered to your patients. The American Podiatric Medical Association has a guide to help you with reporting your data to ensure that you get full reimbursement. Let us help you get reimbursed for the time you invest in your podiatry patients.