Population Health Management for Independent Practices

Population Health

Population health management is a care delivery model focused on emphasizing the overall health of a patient population, not just what happens in office visits. Population health management tools can help improve incomes and prepare practices for value-based reimbursement. However, for independent or private practices, some specialized IT applications required for population health management may be too expensive and complex. But with the right vendor, it’s possible to utilize population health management tools without financially overburdening the practice.

Experts agree that independent practices must ultimately band together to manage population health. Individual practices can start the process by improving quality scores and care coordination to succeed with incentive and reimbursement programs, such as MIPS and CPC+. Additionally, electronic health records (EHRs) should be utilized to their full potential and functionality. EHR integration is vital, as it assists practices in identifying patient care gaps and recognizing those in need of preventative care. Depending on the practice, available resources, and the key concerns it wishes to tackle, some population health tools may also be added to effectively address needs across the patient population.

To learn more about core software requirements, workflow changes, government funding, and more regarding population health management for small or independent practices, click here to read the article.  

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Apurva Komandur is a student and Marketing Intern at Amazing Charts. She is interested in sharing valuable information to help practices flourish. 

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