Population Health

Understand, Engage, and Measure with Population Health
You need more than your EMR to understand, engage, measure and improve your patient population health care and risk stratification demands. Your EMR is great at analyzing a single patient but Population Health can analyze your practice as a whole. AC Population Health gives you the tools to aggregate, analyze, and achieve results, such as better patient care, reduced patient costs, and increased practice productivity. 

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Clinical Quality Measures Module

Clinical Quality Measures, or CQMs, are the data points that CMS utilizes to measure and track the quality of health care services provided to patients. Providers will soon need to submit this data and could potentially earn incentives based on the results.

Care Gaps Module

Patient care gaps can hurt your practice's financial outlook and overall care. Identifying gaps in patient care allows you to save time, deliver better patient care, improve the health of your patient population, earn faster reimbursements, and increase revenue.

Chronic Care Management Module

Whether or not medical practices have heard about it, the federal government is moving ahead with changing the way it provides reimbursement for care of patients with chronic conditions. The program allows you to improve patient care and earn additional revenue.