Practice Management

A Usable and Affordable Practice Management System
Our Practice Management solution lets you manage patient records, insurance eligibility, documents, and billing to maximize staff efficiency. It integrates directly with Amazing Charts EHR, eliminating the need for double-entry, which saves your practice time and money. Take control of your finances today!

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Manage your Practice

Manage Your Practice

Integrated Financial Management Solution

Information moves between Amazing Charts and payers electronically throughout the day.

Efficient Management of Day-to-Day Office Workflow

From the front desk to the billing office, Practice Management is designed to improve efficiency at the daily workflow level thanks to powerful integration.

Fully Automated Eligibility Checking & Electronic Submission

Shorten the patient check-in process by checking eligibility in seconds
See exactly what patients owe with easy-to-read benefits statements

Real Time, Online Access to View Your Practice Activity

Check out the useful reporting features included with the Amazing Charts Practice Management Portal.

Patient Statements

Patient Statements

As an Amazing Chart Practice Management user your Patient Statements can be sent digitally from the Amazing Charts Practice Management solution with just a few clicks. Let us automate the expensive process of generating and sending patient bills in-house, and give your staff more time to focus on your patients.

• Low cost and easy Integration
• Patients bills are printed and mailed for you
• Receiving Payments
• Customize statement fields and messages
• Review and Track

Manage your Revenue

Maintenance & Support

• Technical Support - Telephone, email, chat, and immediate remote access to our Amazing support personnel.

• Program Upgrades - Amazing Charts is regularly enhanced and improved based on what our clients tell us they need.

• Database Updates - Receive regular, automatic updates of your medication database, pharmacy databases, billing databases and others.

• e-Prescribing - Subscribers to Guardian Angel Support & Maintenance get this complete e-Prescribing functionality at no additional charge.

Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

Claims Processing
• Automating submissions to carriers speeds the process.

Patient Billing
• Reduce outstanding balances from patients by collecting more upfront Easy to use, do-it-yourself, in office billing. Learn more about our automated Patient Statements.

On-Demand Eligibility Checking
• Know your patient’s financial responsibility at check-in.

Flexible Report Writer
• Gather data to analyze your practices revenue with an easy to use tool a customized view Check out the custom reporting dashboard here