CareTracker Practice Management

A Usable and Affordable Practice Management System

CareTracker Practice Management lets you quickly identify coding inconsistencies prior to claims submission, electronically confirm eligibility and claim status, and easily identify unpaid claims. Additionally, the Dashboard Front Office Command Center acts like a virtual office assistant, monitoring items and notifying you via our smart alerts only if patient data requires your attention – leaving you more time to concentrate on your patients.

Manage patient records, insurance eligibility, documents, and billing. Take control of your finances today!

Learn Why One Practice Switched to CareTracker PM

Lauren O’Brien, the billing manager at New England OB/GYN, faced issues with outsourcing the practice’s billing needs. She disliked the lack of control and wanted to switch to an easy-to-use and efficient billing solution.
The solution? CareTracker Practice Management.
Learn how Lauren O’Brien and New England OB/GYN’s switch to CareTracker PM allowed them to improve billing practices and manage patient records.
"It’s really easy to use CT PM. Very easy to learn."
Lauren O'Brien
Billing Manager

Explore Features and Benefits

Manage Your Practice

Efficient Management of Day-to-Day Office Workflow
From the front desk to the billing office, Practice Management is designed to improve efficiency at the daily workflow level.

Fully Automated Eligibility Checking & Electronic Submission
Shorten the patient check-in process by checking eligibility in seconds. See exactly what patients owe with easy-to-read benefits statements.

Real Time, Online Access to View Your Practice Activity
Check out the useful reporting features!

Manage Your Revenue

Our solution gives you the ability to easily view unpaid claims, ensuring they are worked promptly, and issues are resolved before they can become problems.

You can also access dashboards that communicate complex information quickly by translating information into visually rich presentations.

Simplify Your Workflow

Electronic claims submissions to more than 1,000 national insurance plans

Claim status technology that automatically checks claims status to improve reimbursements

An online code lookup software embedded directly within the claims screen that ensures coding accuracy

Increase Your Productivity

Claims Processing
Automating submissions to carriers speeds the process.

Patient Billing
Easy to use, do-it-yourself, in-office billing.

On-Demand Eligibility Checking
Know your patient’s financial responsibility at check-in.

Flexible Report Writer
Gather data to analyze your practices revenue.