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What is Practice Management Software?

Advanced practice management means that your independent practice utilizes the best decisions, actions, and resources to ensure smooth and profitable day-to-day operations, while still providing high levels of patient care. This can be a challenging and time-consuming balancing process due to  the multiple administrative, regulatory, financial, and technological tasks involved, but many of those  most overwhelming chores can be automated through standardized electronic transactions.

The right practice management system, or PMS, plays a key role in realizing the maximum potential efficiencies offered by these latest electronic capabilities. The practice management software from Amazing Charts helps your private practice:

  • Capture patient demographics
  • Schedule appointments
  • Pre-register patients, including the all-important insurance eligibility and benefit checks
  • Generate reports for analysis
  • Determine patient financial responsibility for collections at the point of care
  • Maintain insurance payer lists
  • Perform billing in a prompt and accurate manner
  • Assist in payment collection efforts

Features and Highlights

Our Practice Management solution has been adopted by thousands of independent medical practices, including those in family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, surgery, cardiologists and a wide array of additional specialties. Amazing Charts consistently ranks as a top Practice Management System for ease of use and remains an affordable option for private medical practices.

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View Unpaid Claims

With the ability to easily view unpaid claims, you can ensure they are worked promptly and issues are resolved before they become problems.

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Claims Manager

Review claims before submission to maximize revenue potential by reducing denials.

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Integrated Clearinghouse

With our Secure Connect Clearinghouse, we can provide a high-level of support and respond quickly to payer changes.

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Intelligent Dashboards

Intelligent technology provides interactive role-based dashboards that automatically prioritizes work lists for all areas of your office.

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Get a quick, high level view of your practice finances and identify issues you can resolve to avoid reimbursement delays.

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US-Based Support

Access our support team via phone, email, or chat, who can utilize remote access to identify and resolve issues quickly.

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Claims Status

Automatically check claims status for improvement in reimbursements.

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Patient Payments

Let patients pay outstanding balances online with Quick Pay

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Payment Posting

Posting insurance payments is simplified and streamlined, saving time and effort.

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Enhanced Advantages of Practice Management System Data

Our powerful Practice Management System provides a wealth of information that will enable you to get a quick, high-level view of your practice finances and identify issues you can quickly and easily resolve. Some enhanced uses for your PMS data might be: 

Getting paid fully and promptly for services provided is important to the long-term financial standing of your private practice. Even small changes in getting paid for unpaid claims, reducing claims denials, facilitating patient payments, and improving your collection process can add substantial dollars to your cash flow – without incurring additional administrative expenses!

What plans could you make for your current team, your growth vision, and your own life if you knew that you could count on an additional source of revenue from the work you are already performing?  Improvements to your Revenue Cycle Management can provide the additional cash your private practice needs to invest in talent retention and recruitment efforts, or to reliably invest in office equipment and expansion plans.

With the support of our advanced technology, your team’s efforts can be better-directed and more likely to produce consistent results. While it might appear that your private practice is too busy to accommodate additional patients, it could simply be that you are not using your human resources in the most efficient way possible. Less effort spent on administrative tasks frees up more time for patient care, leading to increased patient satisfaction.

If the claims submission and collection practices for your independent practice are sub-par, then you are simply not earning the money you deserve for the services you are providing. Amazing Charts gives your practice management team the ability to view unpaid claims, check claims status, and promptly post insurance payments, so your staff can move to recover outstanding amounts from patients. Your practice could find it possible to achieve a net collections ratio of 85-90%!

"It’s really easy to use PM. Very easy to learn."
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What Sets our Practice Management System Apart?

Designed by a physician, for physicians, the Practice Management System from Amazing Charts provides a significant opportunity for your practice to improve its billing efficiency and reduce overall costs. Instead of making it more difficult to get the job done, your practice can leverage our state-of-the-art technology and administrative functionalities to achieve many advantages, such as: 

  • Improved Practice Organization
  • Overall Boost in Workflow Efficiency
  • Increased Ease of Task Performance
  • Fewer Documentation Errors
  • Improved Patient Satisfaction with Your Practice
  • EHR Integration Capabilities
  • Streamlined Workflow and Processes that Lead to Provider and Staff Satisfaction
  • Ability to Focus Undivided Attention On the Patients
  • Better Billing and Payment System
  • Enhanced Cash Flow and Bottom Line
  • Affordable pricing, with monthly and annual pricing options available. We also offer a bundle and save deal for our EHR and Practice Management Systems.
  • U.S.-based Support Personnel
Take control with a Dashboard Front Office Command Center that acts like a virtual office assistant, monitoring items and notifying you via smart alerts only when patient data requires your attention – leaving you more time to concentrate on your patients.

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How to Implement the Practice Management System at Your Independent Practice

Amazing Charts is here to help all the way with a thoughtful implementation process to help your private practice adapt more easily to our PMS system, which will benefit patients, physicians and staff. The American Medical Association (AMA) and the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) developed a step-by-step roadmap for evaluating options and purchasing the most appropriate PMS for your private practice. 

The best system for your independent practice will be the one that is best able to meet the needs of providers and team members. That is why it is important to involve key staff right from the start. Solicit feedback from those who best understand the current bottlenecks, and are most likely to utilize the new system on a daily basis. Your team may include a physician, the office manager, members of the coding and billing staff, and patient-facing clinical staff members. 

To find ways to improve your process, your team will need to create a detailed workflow map of the current process, from appointment scheduling, all the way through to billing and final payment. This will highlight areas where your Practice Management System can best support your team, and indicate where it can increase efficiencies in under-performing billing tasks. Finding ways to reduce administrative hassles decreases headaches and increases practice revenue. 

Based on your team’s analysis, identify key needs for your new system. This list may include current capabilities, but may also have “wish list” items that the team would like to learn more about. Rank these features for their importance to your practice. Your list might include:  

  • Administrative Needs 
  • Billing and Collection Needs 
  • Insurance Verification Needs 
  • “Wish List” Wants 
  • Clearinghouse Requirements 
  • Report Frequency Requirements 
  • Vendor Credentialing, Background, and Support Requirements 
  • System Integration and Update Protocols 
  • Compliance Capabilities 

Review our testimonials, network with peers that already use our system, request a consultation to discuss your needs, or review educational materials to learn how our practice management software can improve your practice’s medical billing process.  

Work with our experts to specify the number of users, locations, available equipment, patient load, insurance companies, and anything else that impacts the way you want to use your new Practice Management System. Ask for specifics about how the functionalities of our advanced system will benefit your private practice.  

Proper training of providers and support team members is critical to ensuring the success of your Practice Management System implementation. Remember that no two people learn at the same pace, so create a training plan that gives everyone the necessary knowledge and skills to use the PMS at the time of launch. Also, think about training requirements when new team members are added to the practice. 

Clearly explain the Practice Management Software changeover to patients, so they can be involved in the process. Explain that you are making this change in order to improve the entire billing and claims process, and free up more time to provide better patient care. Use your website and social media to explain how the new system impacts billing protocols with insurance providers and patients. Consider producing short video demonstrations to explain how to use any patient-directed aspects, such as your new insurance verification process. 

Prepare for the possibility that anything that can go wrong will go wrong – and at the most inconvenient time possible. Think about what your practice will do in the event of a power outage, severe system malfunction, or natural disaster interruption. Develop procedures ahead of these occurrences so providers and staff have clear instructions about what to do. Decide how you will communicate with all stakeholders during any downtime, how patient care flow will continue, and what type of backup support system and supplies you will need to maintain productivity and patient billing information. If this plan is in electronic format, store another version in the cloud or in print form at a separate location. 

Why Our Practice Management System?

Designed by a physician, for physicians, the Practice Management System from Amazing Charts provides a significant opportunity for your practice to improve its billing efficiency and reduce overall costs. Instead of making it more difficult to get the job done, your practice can leverage our state-of-the-art technology and administrative functionalities to achieve many advantages.

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