Best Urgent Care EHR Software for Ease of Use and Faster Patient Visits

Use Amazing Charts EHR for urgent care helps you to get your patients seen quickly without cutting corners.


Amazing Charts' Urgent Care EHR Features

Your urgent care practice needs a powerful EHR system that reduces time spent on paperwork so you can address the needs of your patients.

Easy Charting with One-Click Access

Charting and reviewing patient data should not require a lot of time or computer skills. Unlike other programs designed by administration professionals for other admins to use, Amazing Charts started as an idea for a better EHR from a doctor. He made the system as easy to use as possible by minimizing the steps required for each action. One-click access gives you patient lab results, chart summaries, referral information, and much more.

Automatic Superbill Creation

Simplify billing in your urgent care clinic. When you use Amazing Charts for your EHR and sign a note, the system automatically creates a superbill. When creating bills for insurance or patients later, you have ready access to superbills to facilitate the process.

Fast Reporting and Customized Reports

Aggregate data into reports quickly by using common queries. If you require extra data, customize the report queries. The step-by-step process for creating your specialized queries is easy to do and takes minutes.

Technical Support When You Need It

Amazing Charts is easy to use, but if you have questions, you have reliable tech support at your fingertips. Your urgent care clinic does not need an IT expert to set up Amazing Charts. In fact, with technical support available in chat, by email, or over the phone, you can set up the software yourself and get the most effective use from it.

Your patients rely on you for urgent care. Trust Amazing Charts to offer you the technical support to quickly overcome any issues that you have so you can resume the use of your urgent care EHR.

Urgent Care EHR Software Workflow

Urgent care provides an invaluable service to communities by decreasing non-emergency room visits to local hospitals and offering care to patients who don’t have primary care providers or cannot get care from their PCPs quickly enough.

The rapid rise in patient volume shows how necessary urgent care clinics are. According to the Urgent Care Association, visits to urgent care clinics jumped 60% since 2019. Additionally, the group predicts an increase in per day per clinic patient volume of 23.4 percent by 2023.

Keep up with the increasing popularity of all urgent care clinics. To do so, you need an urgent care EHR that will allow you to streamline patient visits to shorten their waiting times and allow providers to give as many patients as possible treatment. Amazing Charts helps to streamline your urgent care patient flow in several ways.

Customizable Templates for Faster Data Collection

You work less on taking notes when you customize the templates to make the system easier to use. Creating these personalized templates takes only a few minutes, and anyone can do the job. Custom-designed templates let you speed through note-taking without repeating data or gathering superfluous information. Each visit can have less notetaking time and more time caring for the patient.

Interoperability to Readily Connect with Labs and Radiology Providers

Interoperability with other healthcare facilities helps you to request and gather lab results and imaging reports to improve patient care. A large network of facilities that your urgent care EHR system links to means that you maximize access to patient information and can quickly send referrals for testing. More data on patients’ health history gives you a better insight into how to treat them in your urgent care clinic. Dr. Aaron Way, an Amazing Charts user, says of the system, “The interconnectedness with our local labs, radiology, and pharmacies really helped me run one clinical system and track data better.”

E-Prescribing for Secure Prescriptions Delivered Quickly to Pharmacies

Many visitors to urgent care centers may require prescriptions, such as antibiotics for minor infections or antiviral medications to shorten influenza illnesses. You can send a prescription to the pharmacy before the patient leaves your clinic.

Submit e-prescriptions to any of the numerous pharmacies connected through the SureScripts-certified NewCrop-powered system. Digital prescription requests prevent medication errors and lost prescriptions.

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Benefits of Amazing Charts EHR System in Urgent Care

Using an EHR for urgent care clinics provides your practice with exceptional benefits that make your clinic more efficient. Save time, enjoy device flexibility, and cut operating costs when you use Amazing Charts in your practice.

Urgent Care EHR Software Solutions

Time in urgent care settings is essential for helping patients with issues that cannot wait for a standard office appointment. See more patients in less time and ensure that everyone still gets optimum care. After implementing EHR software in their urgent care practices, patient stays dropped from 109 minutes in 2014 to 73 minutes two years later. By 2018, 70 percent of patients at urgent care clinics waited 20 minutes or less to see a practitioner. How does your EHR stack up to these times?

Urgent care patients often don’t have the luxury of scheduling their visits. Therefore, you could experience surges in patients arriving at your clinic. To get multiple patients ready for clinician exams, you will need to quickly process their information. Additionally, physicians who can quickly take notes on their patient’s conditions can reduce patient waiting and have more time for exams.

Amazing Charts offers an easy-to-use interface that decreases paperwork time and gives practitioners more time to talk to their patients and get them the urgent care needed.

Save money on new devices for your urgent care practice. With Amazing Charts, you have the flexibility to use your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop to access patient health records from anywhere with a secure internet connection. This flexibility makes it possible for you and your staff members to use the device they feel most comfortable with when using your clinic’s EHR.

Because urgent care clinics range in staffing models from those that only have mid-level nurse practitioners making up the staff to facilities operated with only physicians. Due to salary ranges, the last of these staffing models costs the most to operate and the first costs the least. Therefore, your urgent care clinic budget may depend on the credentials of the professionals who work there. Regardless of your urgent care center’s operating costs, you can find an Amazing Charts solution for your clinic.

The basic EHR for urgent care includes charting, report creation, customizable templates, tech support, secure messaging, e-prescribing, and billing. This standard package has a low cost that makes it affordable for any urgent care center. See for yourself how Amazing Charts’ urgent care EHR can benefit your practice with a free consultation and 28-day trial.

If you have a growing practice, you may integrate practice management, remote care tools, billing modules, and more. The scalable nature of Amazing Charts urgent care EHR makes it ideal for all sizes of clinics and budgets while it permits future growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to our urgent care EHR system’s most common questions

If you need an urgent care EHR that you and your staff can quickly learn and start using, Amazing Charts is your best choice. Ranked as the top EHR for its ease of use, you’ll need minimal training to start using all the features of this system to improve your urgent care workflow.

An EHR (electronic health record) includes enough tools in the software that you can run a solo or small practice with only the EHR. You have a secure patient portal, messaging, charts, reporting, and billing in one program.

EMR (electronic medical record) only includes patient charting tools. So, all EHR systems include EMR tools plus extra features to help you run your urgent care clinic.