The Key to Finding a User-Friendly EHR

Electronic health records, in theory, are designed to make your life easier as a physician. By housing patient data and presenting a unified style of charting, these solutions optimize your daily workflow and make you more efficient. 

So, why are so many practitioners unsatisfied with their current EHR? And if they are, why don’t they make the switch to a more efficient and user-friendly system?

The Impact of Inefficient EHRs

Unfortunately, many EHRs intend to simplify practice operations, but they end up making matters worse when designed improperly and disregarding ideas from actual users. 

Medical Economics conducted a survey which included the following question to physicians: “In your opinion, what is the biggest problem with EHRs across the marketplace?” A majority of participants cited a lack of user-friendliness as their primary grievance against their current EHR. One doctor stated, “These records are not organized the way doctors have been taught to organize patients’ notes for at least 40 years.”

A disregard for a user-friendly interface within an EHR acts as a domino effect for other practice operations. Decreased productivity, strained doctor-patient relationships, increased expenses and an overall design not tailored for patient care are some of the negative effects an unusable EHR can have on a practice.  

Utilizing a User-Friendly EHR

Most physicians feel as though their current EHR has an unnatural and click intensive structure to it, limiting how they interact with patients and input their data. Systems are designed by software developers, without the influence of practitioners, resulting in a confusing and inefficient charting experience. 

Fortunately, Amazing Charts EHR was designed by a doctor for doctors. Instead of a disorganized interface, Amazing Charts EHR was created to mimic a paper chart. This format is easily adaptable for both current and non-EHR users because it relies on a charting method a majority of practitioners are familiar and comfortable with. Because of this notion, the system is user-friendly and easy-to-use, with many first-time users understanding how it works within a matter of minutes.

Rather than hindering physicians’ abilities through unusable charting methods, Amazing Charts EHR is focused on actually making their lives easier and letting them focus on the patient, not a computer screen.

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