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Steps to Opening a New Medical Practice: Part Three

Steps to Opening a New Medical Practice: Part Three

Opening a new medical practice can be a daunting task, but the process is simple when following the right steps. This three-part blog post series will walk through the necessary steps your practice should consider prior to opening. Part one discussed what you should initially consider when opening a practice and selecting the right EHR. Part two reviewed how you can determine the needs of your practice and develop a plan to ensure you run it properly.

Step 3: Opening Your Practice

Now that you have chosen your EMR, determined your billing option, established what tools/hardware and additional software you need, now it is time to put it all together. You may decide to hire an IT person to set up your computers and network for you, or maybe you can set up your computers yourself, and have your ISP (Internet Service Provider) configure your network for you. Then you can reach out to your EMR sales executive and implementation specialist to set up and install your software package(s). You should schedule your new staff people to come in and work with your implementation person to get you and the staff trained and ready to go. Some EMRs offer some free training options (webinars, videos, etc.), and others may offer paid training options (onsite or remote) as well. Once all of your equipment is installed, and you and your staff are trained, you are ready to open.

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Opening a new practice is a big undertaking; we collected useful information and a few key recommendations to help out as you embark on this journey. It can be helpful to establish a plan to execute your first steps in the proper sequence, once you know which tasks are prerequisites for others. This helps keep your startup on schedule and helps avoid costly delays. We hope the information we collected here can help you make key start up decisions with confidence and in a timely manner. Our team can help eliminate the headaches of opening a practice so you can enjoy the personal and professional satisfaction that comes with this exciting stage of your career.

Amazing Charts Medical Practice Consultants are here to help! Click here to visit our dedicated New Practice page for materials to assist you with what you should know and be aware of when opening your new practice. 

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