Advantages of Remote Patient Monitoring


Paired with a telehealth tool, Remote Patient Monitoring, or RPM, allows you to maintain the continuity of care while receiving patient data in real time. According to Medical Economics, “the most commonly used RPM devices track essential vital signs such as blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose levels, oxygen saturation and temperature. There are also RPM devices for nervous system signals, weight, patient activity and sleep.” Providers find RPM beneficial for patients with chronic conditions, as they don’t have to “rely upon patients reporting their data.”

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A New Way to Increase Revenues with Remote, Home-Based Services

If your Medicare Population exceeds 250 patients or you have a patients with two or more chronic conditions, you may qualify to bill for existing codes related to CCM, remote patient monitoring and behavioral health. These billing codes already exist and could bring in significant revenue for your practice. Additionally, this is a full service offering that augments your staff.

There are no upfront costs as you’ll only incur costs when codes are billed out. Other practices have already gotten started and are seeing real returns.

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