Amazing Charts EHR Local

Built by a physician, a top-rated EHR for ease of use, and an affordable option for independent practices!

Frustrated with expensive software that requires dozens of clicks to document a note? Try this in your practice instead with a free trial!

Amazing Charts EHR Hosted

Access the local version of Amazing Charts EHR anywhere, anytime. No need for system upgrades!

We’ll ensure your data is accessible from anywhere, 24/7. Upgrades and system updates are done automatically. Access from a PC or Mac.

Amazing Charts EHR SaaS

Formerly CareTracker EMR – A web-based EHR connected to a network of labs, pharmacies, and more.

Rapidly navigate thru your patient’s medical history, medications, problem list, and more. Access the system from anywhere.

Amazing Charts EHR OB/GYN

Formerly digiChart EMR – A SaaS EHR built by OB/GYNs, for OB/GYNs. Is it for you?

Help us improve the practice of women’s health. In simple terms, you specialized to take care of OB/GYN patients, and so did we with this web-based EHR.