Virtual Preventative Care Assistant

A New Way to Increase Revenues with Remote, Home-Based Services

Do you treat patients with chronic conditions? Do you have patients who are now unable to visit your office but need consistent care? If so, we can help, through remote clinical staff augmentation.

If your Medicare Population exceeds 250 patients or you have a patient segment covered by a plan supporting the Chronic Care Management codes (for patients with two or more chronic conditions), you may qualify to bill for existing codes related to CCM, remote patient monitoring and behavioral health, all fully managed by external clinical and administrative staff.

The current COVID-19 pandemic is putting a significant strain on physician practices, directly affecting patient engagement and practice revenue. To support practices affected by this crisis, we’re introducing Amazing Charts Virtual Preventative Care Assistant, a service designed to alleviate financial burdens and fill gaps in patient care. Because the program leverages existing billing codes, you can begin immediately with no upfront costs

Increase Revenue

  • Improve practice profits by using existing billing codes for chronic care management, Behavioral Health Integration and Remote Patient Monitoring.

Treat Patients Remotely

  • Avoiding or delaying office visits may compromise the management of your patient’s chronic conditions, creating the need for additional support and alternative methods of care. The Preventative Services suite of billable codes is structured to help maintain patient engagement between office or telehealth visits by the provider.

Deliver Remote Clinical Staff Augmentation

  • Add remote staff, or contract out existing staff, to reduce labor costs while maintaining patient continuity. No investment, no risk, immediate engagement. You’ll only incur costs when codes are billed out.