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Population Health

The shift to value-based care has impacted how practices operate and how they treat their patients. Medical Economics states, “For providers, the challenge is two-fold: They must focus on keeping their current patient base happy while also working to attract new patients to ensure profitability.” This task can be difficult due to the necessity of meeting different needs across both current and prospective patients. 

To effectively practice value-based care and ensure patient satisfaction, practices need to institute new tools and ideas to ensure providers are providing both effective and efficient care.

Improve Patient Interactions

Many patients become unsatisfied with their current providers because of the lack of flexibility and personal care given to them. These results are due to utilizing inefficient technologies that require physicians to spend more time looking at a computer than the patient. By incorporating more user-friendly systems that improve the patient experience, provider-patient relationships can improve.

Adding an EHR or practice management system with patient portal features introduces the flexibility patients desire. These systems allows patients to schedule or cancel appointments in addition to paying their bills online. They also have the ability to see their health care plan, test results and additional updates, promoting an active involvement in their own health.

Patients are what comprise your practice and allow you to be the doctor you are. Their impression of you and your business is crucial to success, so investing in a system that improves your credentials is worth the time and money.

Treating Your Practice as a Whole

The shift to value-based care promotes increasing preventative care and focusing on the overall wellness for the patients within your practice. With this transition, several organizations are monitoring these care levels and requiring practices to report their progress. Population health tools are designed to analyze your practice as a whole and treat patients accordingly. The system aggregates patient data and allows you to achieve results such as better patient care, reduced patient costs and increased practice productivity.

The tool also recognizes and helps eliminate care gaps within your practice. For example, the module can highlight patients who haven’t had a flu shot in the past year or are overdue for a physical exam and haven’t scheduled their appointment yet. From here, you can reach out to these patients to schedule their appointments and come into the office for treatment. This function promotes a healthier patient population with a proactive outlook on their health.

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