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Bold Marketing Ideas for New Practices

Patient Engagement

While you may know the fundamentals of website design, search engine optimization and social media marketing, here are some bold marketing ideas that can help your medical practice attract new patients:

Don’t just settle for a functional website with pictures of your office. Make it work real hard for you:

  • Contact information, practice specialties, and hours of operation must be front and center.
  • Make it easy to make an appointment online.
  • Have more videos and graphics than words.
  • Include patient testimonials.
  • Provide educational information.
  • Solicit questions from current patients and answer them online.
  • If you work with patients who have Chronic Care Management needs tell them how your practice keeps in touch and monitors their care more closely to better manage their conditions.
  • Make sure the site works on mobile devices and can respond to voice searches.
  • Above all, make sure you let them know you are accepting new patients!

Don’t forget your technical capabilities. Prospective patients want to know you make the patient interaction easy. Let them know you have EHRs to make charting faster, more efficient billing practices that get more insurance claims paid the first time through, telemedicine services to deliver remote care, and a patient portal where they can gain access to their lab reports and test results. If you comply with interoperability standards, make sure they realize how that helps coordinate healthcare in a more efficient manner.

Employers have a vested interest in looking after the health of their employees. Turn to some local employers and find ways to help improve employee health. You might be able to offer lunchtime seminars, have onsite appointment hours, or provide information about injury prevention.

Pay heed to the rise in consumerism and be the practice that participates. Provide information in your blogs, have an e-newsletter, work with local social media influencers who are interested in healthy living ideas, share a column with a local newspaper, get interviewed on local radio shows, or be interviewed on TV. Just make sure that people realize who is providing this valuable information, and they make the association with turning to your practice when they need medical assistance.

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Opening a new practice is a big undertaking; we collected useful information and a few key recommendations to help out as you embark on this journey. It can be helpful to establish a plan to execute your first steps in the proper sequence, once you know which tasks are prerequisites for others. This helps keep your startup on schedule and helps avoid costly delays. We hope the information we collected here can help you make key start up decisions with confidence and in a timely manner. Our team can help eliminate the headaches of opening a practice so you can enjoy the personal and professional satisfaction that comes with this exciting stage of your career.

Amazing Charts Medical Practice Consultants are here to help! Click here to visit our dedicated New Practice page for materials to assist you with what you should know and be aware of when opening your new practice. 

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