"The support staff at Amazing Charts is very helpful and patient. They took the time to answer our questions and train my staff with different technical backgrounds.”

- Vishal Datta, MD, Endocrinology


MU Success Services

Meaningful Use can be tough to navigate. There are tons of guidelines, regulations, extensions, etc. Always something new to learn and it can be hard to find the time to constantly educate yourself on the latest updates. Let Amazing Charts help.

Meaningful Use Success Services from Amazing Charts provides one on one remote sessions with a member of our Meaningful Use Specialist team. Let us help you navigate Meaningful Use, making it a breeze for you to complete a successful attestation.

Planning and educating yourself is important to achieving Meaningful Use. Some providers believe they understand a measure but misinterpret it, or possibly submit their data improperly. HealthcareITnews.com reports that one in 20 Meaningful Use attesters will face an audit, and half of those will undergo a pre-payment audit. Read the full article here. With the help of Meaningful Use Success Services, you will know what to do prior to an audit, or what to do if you are going through one.  

Session topics offered:

  • MU One on One Training
  • Meaningful Use Data Submission
  • Audit Assistance

You can book a session by:

  • Going online and book an appointment here 
  • Speaking with a Sales Representative at 866-382-5932 (option 1)
  • Talking to Tech Support Representative and realizing your need is beyond the standard service included with Guardian Angel Support.

How can Amazing Charts help you achieve Meaningful Use Success?

Meaningful Use One on One Training

Price: $125.00

Learn the basics of the Meaningful Use Objectives (Revised for 2015 and beyond) & Clinical Quality measures with a one on one session with an Amazing Charts Meaningful Use Specialist. Your session include:

  • Education and discussion of MU Objectives  & requirements
  • Plan what measures your practice will do for attestation
  • Learn how to use the Meaningful Use Wizard to check your progress towards a successful attestation


Meaningful Use Data Submission

Price: $95.00

Congratulations! If you are looking for help submitting your data for Meaningful Use, you must successful completely all the measures and tracked your progress in the Meaningful Use Wizard. Next step is to submit data, and Amazing Charts is here to help! Prior to this session, please note you must have your CMS credentials (name and password) to log in to the attestation system. Our Meaningful Use Specialist will then:

  • Help you find and enter the Amazing Charts Certification number
  • Walk through each screen with you, helping you properly submit your data
  • Show you what sections to print out or screen shot for your records in case of a MU audit


Audit Assistance Session

Price: $150.00

Meaningful Use Audits can occur up to seven years after successfully attesting. It is reported that nearly 1 in 20 providers will face at audit at some point. If this happens to you, Amazing Charts is here to help. Book an audit session, where a Meaningful Use Specialist will:

  • Provide a MU Letter about your reporting period (if needed)
  • Help figure out the reporting period used
  • Look up what version your practice was on
  • Assist with recreating reports from prior versions
  • Help with making screenshots for audit proof


Frequently Asked Question

Q: Why do I have to pay for MU support? Isn’t it already included in my Guardian Angel Support and Maintenance?

A: We include support for the meaningful use components of our software as part of your annual maintenance package, including support for the Meaningful User Wizard. We make sure the software works as designed, that a user can enter and capture the required clinical measures and that it’s calculating correctly.

What’s not included is the special MU Attestation support we give to a minority of customers; these would include doing your attestation with you, logging onto the CMS website and making sure the attestation is complete. These are actions that are your responsibility as the Eligible Provider and not the responsibility of Amazing Charts.   

About half of all Amazing Charts users don’t even participate in the Meaningful Use program, and of the remainder, only a small percentage require personalized services that go beyond standard support. We charge an affordable fee (average $125) to these customers, which is usually less than they would pay an MU consultant or their State REC. Otherwise, all customers would have to pay more to cover the needs of a few, and that approach would be unfair.