Case Studies

Case Studies

Discover how our Amazing Charts practices improved office efficiencies and patient care. 

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Surgeon Cuts athenahealth EHR and Switches to Amazing Charts

Dr. Gerardo Carcamo says athenaClinicals is designed “by admins for admins.”

Solo Pediatrician Finds EMR Bliss in Hawaii

Pediatrician Dr. Galen Chock was in constant pursuit of charting happiness until he found Amazing Charts.

Practice Takes Back Control of Its Finances

Lauren O’Brien, the billing manager at New England OB/GYN, faced issues with outsourcing the practice’s billing needs.

Nurse Practitioner Runs Solo Practice With Amazing Charts EHR

Family Nurse Practitioner Mary Oot was able to start her own medical clinic thanks to Amazing Charts.

Mobile Clinic with Amazing Charts EHR Reduces Chronic Disease in Underserved Population

Dr. Lopez wants to help fix the broken healthcare system in America.

Amazing Charts EHR Breathes New Life Into Solo Practice

Dr. Silverstein would have retired if not for Amazing Charts.

Doctor Transitions From Partnership to Solo Practice Using Amazing Charts

“Without Amazing Charts EHR, my transition would have been financially and clinically difficult.”

Clinician Uses Amazing Charts EHR To Start House Call Practice

Dr. Kinney rediscovers the original model for delivering patient-centered care.

Clinician Rejects Multiple EHRs Before Discovering Amazing Charts

Nurse Practitioner Deanna Tolman’s experiences with EHRs were a nightmare until she used Amazing Charts.

Dr. Legan Displays EHR on Flat Screen TV To Improve Interaction with Patients

Viewing Amazing Charts EHR on big screen increases patient engagement.


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