Additional Solutions

Increase the Efficiency of Your Practice!

Smart Analytics

What can practices do to stay independent and profitable? How can providers make continual changes to improve performance? Our Smart Analytics tool allows you to..


Patient Payments

Improve patient satisfaction, maximize revenue and reduce operational strain with flexible patient payment options and simple payment collection workflows…


Speech Recognition

A revealing 2017 article in the Pharmacy and Therapeutics journal cited the astonishing fact that an estimated 63% of physicians were still using the fax machine as a primary means of communication as recently as 2012!

Identify Care Gaps

Patient care gaps can hurt your practice’s financial outlook and overall care. Identifying gaps in patient care allows you to

Amazing Reminders

Reminding patients results in fewer missed appointments and a healthier patient panel. Now, your practice can see more patients and earn more revenue.

Clinical Quality Measures

Clinical Quality Measures, or CQMs, are the data points that CMS utilizes to measure and track the quality of health care services provided to patients.

Amazing Backup

Amazing Backup is a new service from Amazing Charts to securely backup your data offsite. Providing your critical practice data an insurance policy.

Patient Engagement

The end goal of population health management is to improve the health of a particular population within your private practice

Chronic Care Management

The federal government is moving ahead with changes to the way it provides reimbursement for care of patients with chronic conditions. 

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