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Amazing Charts EHR

An EHR, or Electronic Health Record, is a real-time, patient-centered record that instantly and securely makes key treatment information available to authorized users. At its most basic, an EHR contains your patient’s medical history, symptoms, diagnoses, prescriptions, treatment plans, immunizations, allergies, radiology images, and test results for quick access and review.

Today’s modern EHRs, however, are more than just an electronic version of a paper chart. The best electronic health systems are a vital part of the health IT continuum. The benefits of a great EHR system include:

  • Help you build a comprehensive patient chart.
  • Automate and streamline provider workflow in your private practice.
  • Provide accurate information for billing purposes.
  • Allow access to evidence-based tools you can use to make decisions about a patient’s care.
  • Support patient communications through a safe and secure Patient Portal.

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