Knowledge Drop: Why Chronic Care Management is Important for your Practice

The government is changing the way it provides reimbursement for care of patients with chronic conditions. Read this Knowledge Drop to learn about the program and how your practice can improve patient care using a Chronic Care Management tool. If you’d like to schedule a consultation to learn more about how a CCM tool could […]

Knowledge Drop: 7 Reasons Outsourced Billing is the Best Approach for your Practice.

When it comes to billing, does it sometimes feel like your medical practice is back in the dark ages?  You do all of the hard work of seeing patients and providing optimal medical  care, but then end up tearing your hair out trying to get paid a fair fee for your services and in a […]

Achieving MIPS Goals with Clinical Quality Measures

Clinical Quality Measures, or CQMs, are the data points that CMS utilizes to measure and track the quality of health care services provided to patients. Providers will soon need to submit this data and could potentially earn incentives based on the results.  Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how your practice can reach these goals using […]

Webinar: 5 Ways Identifying Patient Care Gaps will Benefit your Small Practice

Your top priority is to provide the best level of patient care possible. Unfortunately, many factors in your day can interfere in the process. How can you easily determine which patients (especially high priority ones) are due for a visit? And how can you be proactive in scheduling appointments without adding time to your day? […]

Making the User Friendly EHR Even Friendlier

An Electronic Health Records System is only as user-friendly as its customers think it is and year after year Amazing Charts scores in the top tier rankings of user-friendly EHR applications. Right out of the box, Amazing Charts is intuitive and easy to use and addresses one of the most frequently complained about pain points […]

Social Media for Your Practice: Not the Bitter Pill You Imagined

At Pri-Med Southwest a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to talk with clinicians, practice owners, and practice managers about social media tools like Facebook and Twitter. While using social media comes naturally to me, I saw that many people are intimidated by it, and haven’t been shown how valuable these tools can be for a small healthcare practice with limited […]

ACUG South 2013

Hello from the ACUG at Pri-Med South in sunny Fort Lauderdale! I’m thrilled to be attending my first Amazing Charts Users Group (ACUG) meeting since joining the company as Director of Product Strategy! There are about 60 users here today learning about Amazing Charts and sharing their thoughts about the product. We started the day […]

Practice Hero of the Month: Dr. Michael Garver

In the remote villages of the Transkei region of South Africa, medical services are rare and even common medications can be non-existent. Lack of sanitary water means that parasites and skin infections, such as scabies, are widespread among children. Orphans of parents who died from HIV have practically no access to basic healthcare. These are […]

How to Verify and Restore Your Amazing Charts Data Backup

Verification can still be done unassisted, but new security measures mean you may need our help to restore a data backup At the last meeting of the Amazing Charts Clinician Advisory Board, we were reminded that many clients don’t know about or understand how data backups are: (1) verified for completeness; and (2) restored to […]

CMS Proposes Quality Payment Program Updates to Increase Flexibility and Reduce Burdens

Today, CMS released a proposed rule outlining how the Quality Payment Program (which MIPS falls under) would operate in 2018 and it’s a clear win for physicians who have had to scuttle from one federal program to the next over the last 7 years. The proposed rule eases requirements on physicians in a number of […]