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Dermatology EHR Software Quick Overview

Dermatology electronic health record (EHR) systems have been around for years. However, opinions about this technology remain pessimistic. In a study published in the dermatology industry magazine, Skin: The Journal of Cutaneous Medicine, the researchers found that among participants, 86 percent used EHR in their practices with a majority of those feeling that it negatively impacted their ability to provide quality care.

This statistic does not tell the entire story about dermatology EHR software. First, the researchers acknowledged that only 90% of participants completed the entire survey. Those who did finish the questionnaire had a greater likelihood of harboring intense opinions about EHR. Therefore, the results could simply have skewed to the negative side because those with bad experiences were more likely to want to voice their concerns about the technology.

Another consideration is the timing of the study. Since 2020, advances in dermatology EHR software and new products available make it even more powerful, useful, and easy to learn today than ever before.

If you don’t feel satisfied with your practice’s EHR system, don’t return to paper records. You may have the wrong product to meet your practice’s needs. Amazing Charts can help you to see how easy using dermatology EHR software can be and how it can save you time and allow you to give your patients better care.

Dermatology EHR Software

What Is a Dermatology EHR System?

An effective dermatology EHR system can drastically improve how you interact with patients and your records. You can quickly document patient interactions, prescribe medicine, view charts, see referral data and lab reports, and securely message patients or staff, all from the same platform.

To get the most out of your EHR software, you need to make it work for you. The American Academy of Dermatology Association offers several tips to better use your practice’s EHR.

  • Use the EHR technical support system
  • Create templates to take faster notes and avoid duplicating data
  • Streamline notetaking with speech recognition software
  • Connect with patients through the patient portal

The intuitive user software of Amazing Charts makes these tips easy with readily accessible support through email, phone, or chat; fast customization of templates; the ability to integrate other modules or voice-dictation programs into the software; and a secure messaging system through the patient portal.

Dermatology EHR Software Workflow

Your EHR system should help you to spend more time talking to your patients instead of entering data. The best dermatology EHR software will streamline the entire patient visit and improve communication opportunities.

Dermatology EHR Software Solutions

Schedule Patient Appointments

Prepare for your visit by scheduling patient appointments in the EHR system. With appointment setup, you may change the time allowed for each appointment to reduce the chances of overloading your schedule on any day. If a patient cancels, quickly reschedule the appointment within the EHR. For no-shows, record the data to keep track of any similar events in the future.

Take Notes with Ease Using Customized or Pre-set Templates

Templates make note-taking faster and easier. Plus, you have a lower chance of repeating the same data across all your notes for the same patient.

For more flexibility in notetaking, make customized templates that allow for freeform notetaking or other forms of jotting patient information during a visit. When you streamline notetaking during patient visits, you spend less time typing and more time examining and talking to your dermatology patient.

Prescribe Medications Electronically

Secure e-prescribing prevents common medication errors such as unreadable paper prescriptions. The pharmacy gets a clear, easy-to-understand prescription from your office with all the required information on it. Plus, the system is faster so patients don’t have to make repeated visits to pharmacies to drop off paper prescriptions and come back later to pick up their medicine.

Keep Your Patients Informed Between Appointments with Educational Materials

Part of your job as a dermatologist is educating your patients. You can do some of this during the visit, however, your patients may not remember everything that you said. Therefore, having a patient portal where patients can later access visit summaries and educational materials you provide is vital in keeping them informed.

Another benefit of the patient portal is its security. You and your patients can message each other on a HIPAA-compliant platform, which is more secure than most email programs. Your patients have a way to get medically accurate answers to questions about their condition or visit from you. You can send and read messages at any time you find convenient, making this system an easier way to stay connected to your patients than phone calls during office hours.

Benefits of Amazing Charts' Dermatology EHR Software

Why use an Amazing Charts EHR system? The benefits of our software make it easy for everyone in your practice to learn and streamline most operations. Gain even more perks when you add powerful modules that support practice management, track population health, and allow you to offer telemedicine to your patients.

Why type notes when you could speak them out? Dr. Robert Silverstein frequently used dictation for his notes and discovered that his practice manager spent hours transcribing those onto paper charts. He felt pressure to switch from a paper-based practice to a paperless one, , “I was thinking about retirement, and I knew the age of the EHR was coming. I could feel the pressure all around,” said Dr. Silverstein.

He chose Amazing Charts EHR for his practice and integrated Dragon Dictation software into the program. This system allowed him to dictate notes directly into the patient’s chart, so he could save his practice manager hours each day. Plus, he discovered that the typed notes avoided lengthy insurance company chart reviews due to illegible paper charts.

Thanks to the newly discovered ease of notetaking and the ability to breeze through chart reviews, Dr. Silverstein changed his mind about retirement and remained in practice.

The American Academy of Dermatology Association recommends cutting time on notetaking by using templates. With Amazing Charts, you can use pre-set templates without any changes or opt to customize your own template formats.

Customizing templates in Amazing Charts takes just a few minutes and gives you the freedom to take notes how you want.

Amazing Charts was created and designed by a doctor, for doctors. He thought about the many ways that doctors use EHR software. Then, he designed the system to be as efficient and easy to use as possible with minimal clicks needed to find information.

Today, Amazing Charts sits in the top spot for ease of use among EHR software. You won’t find an easier-to-use program anywhere.

Dr. Wendy Gottlieb says our software is, “very easy to use, there’s no learning curve on it, and it was simple and straightforward.” Our other users have similarly positive experiences with our easy-to-use and simple-to-learn EHR software. See what they have to say on our testimonials page.

Amazing Charts offers pricing options for every budget, but you won’t have to give up essential EHR features to save money. Our basic dermatology EHR software comes at an affordable price. You have the option to add extra modules, such as practice management or population health monitoring, on top of the EHR.

As your practice expands to require more electronic tools, we offer you easy-to-use modules to add to your affordable EHR. Plus, you have no initial investment. Among EHR options, Amazing Charts is an efficient, affordable option that can help improve your dermatology patient interactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the regularly asked questions about us at Amazing Charts and our dermatology EHR systems.

All dermatology EHR software are types of EMR, but not all EMRs are EHRs. Electronic medical records (EMR) have a smaller scope in their use. They only keep track of patient records with much of the same information as a paper medical chart. Often these systems have unique file-saving methods that make it nearly impossible to share the data within the EMR.

Electronic health record (EHR) systems have all the features of an EMR while using a system that allows you to send and receive patient information from other providers. For its interoperability capacity and administrative tools, EHR is a preferred choice for many dermatology practices.

Yes! If you or any practitioners prefer to take freeform notes instead of using a template, they can. Our customizable templates allow you to add an option to take open-ended notes during a patient visit. In fact, NP Deanna Tolman leveraged this freeform notetaking capacity in Amazing Charts to improve her charting for her mobile house-call practice. She could finish her patient notes by the end of the visit, saving her time at the end of the day.