Important Message About EPCS

Important Message about Electronic Prescription of Controlled Substances​

Important Message About EPCS

Important Message about Electronic Prescription of Controlled Substances​

Effective June 29th, 2018 you will not be able to prescribe controlled substances electronically unless you take action. Verizon will no longer support E-Rx vendors with EPCS functionality. Because of this, our E-prescribing vendor, NewCrop, has partnered with Exostar.

Exostar provides users with greatly increased functionality, including an easier sign-on, an easy to use mobile app and a hardware token for generating one-time passcodes. We are very excited about Exostar and we expect much more reliable and high quality service as a result of this change. Given that Exostar is a more expensive, higher quality vendor, we do expect that you will receive an increased EPCS charge from NewCrop, at your renewal date. NewCrop has communicated that where the rate for Verizon was $170, the rate for Exostar will be $250 annually per physician.

Current EPCS users will need to register with Exostar to continue to prescribe Controlled Substances.

Users will go through a verification and sign up process. This process can take up to 45 minutes per Provider.

If you have more than one Provider at practice, all must sign up with Exostar before being able to use the service.

You can initiate this process, via the NewCrop screen, and follow the instructions here:

Please take note of the types of expected identity verification questions and documents, which may be very specific.

Once completed, you’ll need to contact us to finalize the process. Please call or email and state that you need to finalize your Exostar Migration.

If you would prefer to schedule an appointment to have one of our staff assist you with the verification process, please email us at [email protected], with the subject “Exostar Appointment”. Please note that given the high time commitment required for this process, there will be a surcharge for these services of $50 per provider.

Please note that this process takes time, and may require additional verification from Exostar. We encourage you to begin this process as soon as possible or to contact us for help.