Internal Medicine EHR

Amazing Charts delivers an intuitive Internal Medicine EHR to help you spend less time charting and more time providing care for your patients.


Key Features of Amazing Charts Top Internal Medicine EHR Software

Why does Amazing Charts stand out as a top EHR software for internists? Our software features make our system affordable, easy to use, and easily customizable. Where else can you find an internal medicine EHR system designed by a physician for other practitioners?

Affordable for Solo and Small Practices with Features for Large Practices

Many of the practitioners who use our EHR system operate from small practices or solo. Thanks to the affordability of our software and its option to be cloud-based, even solo practitioners can afford to use our EHR.

Amazing Charts has all the amenities you need to optimize care for your patients. Our EHR includes simple charting, a patient portal, regular updates, technical support, customizable templates, easy report generation, and much more. You get all these tools at a reasonable price.

As your practice grows, our software can scale up with you. You have the option to add extra modules, such as telemedicine portals, medical billing, patient portal, and population health trackers.

Discover more about our pricing options. Learn about our base internal medicine EHR software and our other add-on modules to create a package that works with your practice.

Customizable for How Your Practice Best Uses the System

You can use our EHR as soon as you start up the program. However, you also have the ability to customize templates to your particular practice. With our templates, you take more relevant notes without recording the same data multiple times and wasting time.

Customizing templates takes just a few minutes, giving you greater control over how you use this program to care for your patients. Additionally, you have the option to create customized queries when generating reports to have only the details you need in reports and none of the information you don’t.

Internal Medicine EHR for Physician

Easiest-to-Use Internal Medicine EHR Solution Made by a Physician

The tools you use should come from the minds of people who know how you use them. A physician coded and designed our EHR system. Because it came from a doctor, the software has unparalleled ease of use. Amazing Charts’ EHR has ranked as the top system for ease of use.

Any internist can quickly grasp how to use Amazing Charts. With AC, you can take fewer steps and make fewer clicks to get your patient’s data. Consequently, you spend less time learning and using our EHR software.

Our previous users attest to the ease of use. For example, family physician, Dr. Peter Sundwell says, “…by the end of the day, my partner and I and our staff felt very comfortable with using Amazing Charts.” With such a simple-to-learn and use system, your transition to a new internal medicine EHR is fast and easy.

What Is an Internal Medicine EHR?

An electronic health record gives you the tools to create, update, and view your patients’ health records. With a robust set of features, Amazing Charts’ internal medicine EHR is better than simpler electronic medical records (EMR). Our EHR solution lets you can also send electronic prescriptions, message patients, send secure messages to others in the office, and view referrals and test results.

Internal Medicine Clinical Workflow

Before, during, and after patient visits all present times for improving patient interactions and care. When using the best internal medicine EHR software, you can connect with patients more efficiently at these times and optimize the care you provide.

We make patient scheduling simple. Set up visits, reschedule, and record canceled or skipped appointments with the click of a mouse. You even have the ability to outline the time for each visit and the type of appointment. Solo internists and small internal medicine practices benefit from this easy-to-use scheduling tool.

During the patient visit, you should have the freedom to take notes that you will understand and give you and other providers vital information about the patient. Standard templates make note-taking fast as soon as you open the chart.

Custom templates take only minutes to make and can dramatically reduce the time required to add notes to a patient’s chart if you have specific factors you want to include.

You only need to make a handful of clicks to generate reports populated with the most frequently used data points. If you need extra data or different information, customized queries take seconds to create. Amazing Charts features an intuitive step-by-step report creation system that lets you put more complex queries into the system to get the report outputs you need.

Don’t worry about lost prescription pads, miscommunications with pharmacists, or illegible paper scripts anymore. Our secure e-prescription tool with our internist EHR software lets you send prescriptions to the patient’s pharmacy. This system uses a SureScripts-Certified Solution, NewCrop, for its operation and connectivity.

After your visit, your patients may have questions or need access to test results. Our patient portal connects you to your patients outside of the clinic. You can send messages explaining lab results, answer their questions, and even send them educational information all from within Amazing Charts with the Updox Patient Portal.

Why You Need the Best EHR for Internal Medicine in Your Practice

The type of EHR that you use for your internal medicine practice makes a major difference in how much time you spend on paperwork. For each hour dedicated to patients, physicians spent up to two hours on using EHR and other deskwork. This study comes from 2016 and doesn’t necessarily reflect current innovations in EHR technology. Nor did the study look at the efficiency of the EHR software practitioners used. However, if you have an outdated system, you may find yourself spending too much time on paperwork.

By 2020, the time per patient dropped significantly for internists to an average of 16 minutes and 14 seconds of time using an EHR per patient.

How does your current EHR stack up against the average? With Amazing Charts, you could save even more time. One of our users, Deanna Tolman, a nurse practitioner, found herself able to complete patient notes by the end of each visit, drastically reducing her time spent on paperwork.

Start saving more time in your internal medicine practice with Amazing Charts. Reach out to us for a consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some common questions about how internists can use Amazing Charts.

Yes, it does! Our system stays updated with changes in how Medicare and Medicaid compensate practitioners. Long before MIPS, before 2018, we helped internists track information to meet the Meaningful Use metrics. Today, we make tracking and reporting quality measures for the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) part of our software. Feel free to contact us with how we can help you to track population health metrics and get compensated properly.

Yes! While we offer multiple add-ons to our internal medicine EHR software, those extras are optional. Our standard Amazing Charts EHR solution for internal medicine practices works as soon as you start the program. If you run a small practice, you may not need the additional solutions. However, we offer them as a way to keep track of more complex data as your practice grows. Amazing Charts on its own is an affordable solution that many practitioners use without extra features.