Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Ehr

Amazing Charts delivers an intuitive Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery EHR to help you spend less time charting and more time providing care for your patients.


Key Features of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery EHR Systems

Amazing Charts provides you with features and tools that make our software efficient and help reduce your effort.

Intuitive User Interface Designed by a Doctor

Amazing Charts ranks as one of the best plastic & reconstructive surgery EHR software solutions for its ease of use. Our simple software was designed by a doctor with streamline and practice specific workflows in mind.

Instead of making multiple clicks to gather information, our system uses a single click to view patient information in the chart. You’re always one click away from seeing referral summaries, information from past visits, lab reports, and chart summaries.

Learning this simple software is possible in just a few hours. Many feel comfortable using the system the same day they receive it.

Cloud-Based Technology for Use Anywhere or Local Installation for Use for Offices Without Wi-Fi

We give you the option to choose whether you want to use the cloud-based version of Amazing Charts or the locally-installed option. With cloud-based installation, you can access your patients’ charts before surgery from the hospital or other operating venue as easily as you can from the consultation room. As long as you have a secure internet connection, you can view your patients’ charts.

Our locally installed option works well if you have spotty Wi-Fi or an unsecured network in your office. The lightweight software easily installs on desktops or laptops to allow you to use Amazing Charts within your office network.


Tech Support is Readily Available

A survey of plastic surgeons discovered that 8.6 percent reported a lack of technical support as a problem. None of the users in that survey used Amazing Charts, though. Perhaps the numbers would have been different if they had.

We can offer support in whichever way you feel comfortable communicating in, whether that is via phone, chat, or email. Our technical support is live from 8AM to 8PM EST, with technicians on call over the weekends in case of emergencies. Our team is committed to keeping your practice up and running and to answer any questions any time.

What Is Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery EHR?

Plastic & reconstructive surgery EHR solutions are software programs that give you access to patient medical charts and much more. With Amazing Charts EHR software for your plastic surgery practice, you’ll have access to patient charts, medication prescribing, tech support, customizable templates, report creation, scheduling, billing, and messaging. This system offers much more than a simple electronic medical record (EMR), giving you a robust solution for handling patient information.

Plastic & Reconstructive EHR Software Workflow

Streamline your workflow with Amazing Charts. You save time in taking notes and can stay connected with your patients, especially during the vital post-operative phase.

With Amazing Charts, you can readily schedule, change, or cancel appointments with patients. You can even indicate the length of time for each appointment to reduce overscheduling. If a patient does not show up to an appointment, the system allows you to note that for future reference. With simple scheduling, your practice can run smoothly and you have the time needed to consult with patients before and after their procedures.

During the patient visit, use templates in Amazing Charts to take effective notes that don’t repeat needless information and that will present your data neatly for future referral. With the ability to customize the templates and insert your own open-ended notes, you can quickly enter information about each visit into the EHR.

After you consult with your patient, you can send them notes about the visit and additional educational materials concerning their health conditions or procedures. Patients can also message you with questions through the portal, which provides more data security than email.

E-prescribing makes providing your patients with pain medication for use after surgery more secure. You don’t have to worry about a patient losing a prescription or the pharmacy misreading your handwriting. With Amazing Charts EHR, we have a powerful e-prescribing system from SureScripts-certified NewCrop built into our software. Prescribing medication now is more secure, simple, and fast.

In fact, a study from 2016 showed that compared to manual prescriptions, e-prescriptions reduced the risks of medication errors significantly. All physicians agree that prescribing the correct medications without error or delay is essential to their patients’ post-surgery recovery.

Use of EHR for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Today


Plastic and reconstructive surgeons remain largely loyal to keeping paper records, according to a study from 2020. That study showed that among surveyed surgeons, 98.81 percent used paper records, and only 71.06 percent used electronic health records (EHR). Compare these values to the 2021 percentages of all office-based physicians which showed an adoption rate of EHR at 88 percent. Having an overlap between the recordkeeping systems can prevent catastrophic loss.

In 2012 when Hurricane Sandy tore through New York City, Queens FQHC had a loss of 1,500 paper records due to flooding. However, three weeks following the storm all electronic health records remained intact.

With a cloud-based EHR, you avoid the loss of physical records that could result in wasted time or patient complications. Plus, when you use electronic health records in your practice, you’ll have more tools at hand to handle patient data, plan procedures, and follow up with patients. Amazing Charts offers you all these perks with an intuitive software at an affordable rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to the most common questions asked about our plastic & reconstructive surgery EHR systems.

An EMR only holds patient medical chart information in an electronic form. Some EMRs do not have compatibility with other systems, reducing your ability to share patient information with other providers. Because an EMR only has medical records and no other features, it is a limited tool that likely won’t provide what your practice needs.

EHR systems differ significantly from EMRs. EHR have electronic medical records, but they use a format that allows for easier sharing with other practitioners. Plus, features such as e-prescribing, messaging, billing, and reporting make EHR a better option to get patient information quickly.

No! Our EHR system ranks as the number one among competing software options for ease of use. Many of our users tell us that they were able to start using and understanding the system the same day that they got the software. Because a doctor created our EHR, it puts all the tools you need at your fingertips. Minimal clicking and an intuitive system mean that you won’t need to spend a lot of time to begin to reap the benefits of using Amazing Charts in your practice.

The price for Amazing Charts depends on the features you choose to use with it. Our basic EHR package comes at an affordable rate that small practices can readily fit into their budgets. You may also add extra features to create a more robust software package that can streamline many administrative tasks, such as patient billing, improved reimbursement rates, automated insurance eligibility checks, and much more. The affordability of our EHR lets practices like yours save money to invest in growth and improved patient care.