Primary Care EHR

Amazing Charts delivers an intuitive primary care EHR to help you spend less time charting and more time providing care for your patients.


Key Features of Amazing Charts' EHR for Primary Care Physicians

The features of the primary care electronic health record (EHR) your office chooses will dictate your ease of workflow and clinic efficiency in your daily life as a health care professional. Amazing Charts offers several features to make the most of the software from appointment setup to patient follow-up and every step in between.

Intuitive Software

 Amazing Charts makes charting simple and fast. With one click you can access patient information including past visit summaries, lab reports, imaging results, and chart summaries. Because everything you need is a click away, you take less time charting and have more time to spend with your patients and determining their options for care.

Technical Support

Problems happen with any technology you use. To ensure that you have the problem fixed as quickly as possible, you need tech support on-call. We accept phone calls, chats, or emails to help you address any issues you may have with the software. Plus, with regular updates available to our EHR for primary care, you always have access to the latest version of the software.

Simple Report Creation

Create reports in seconds with pre-set report queries based on the most used data points. To enhance the report, design a customized query that filters out unwanted information and includes the data you need. These customized queries and report creation tools take minutes to make with a simple step-by-step process that anyone can learn.


What to Expect from the Best Primary Care EHR ?

Between 2008 and 2021, certified EHR adoption by office-based physicians skyrocketed from 17 percent to 78 percent. Counting all EHR systems, the number of practices that used an EHR in 2021 was 88 percent. However, simply using an EHR in your practice does not automatically mean that you and your patients will benefit from it.

According to an article in Medical Economics, physicians spent between three-and-a-half to six hours daily inputting data into their EHR software. Since each hour spent inputting data into an EHR is an hour away from caring for patients, you need to choose a system that allows you to quickly add information.

One way to save time is by opting for an easy-to-use system. Amazing Charts EHR for primary care providers minimizes the number of clicks required to find patient charts, lab reports, and other data. Additionally, you can save time on typing by integrating dictation software into your EHR to speak your notes. Dr. Robert Silverstein used Amazing Charts and Dragon dictation software to save hours in transcribing notes into the patient charts.

Additionally, the best EHR systems will allow you to keep in touch with patients through a secure patient portal, send prescriptions, view referral information, share data securely with other practitioners, and get tech support whenever you need it. Amazing Charts offers all these benefits, making it a top EHR for primary care providers.

Benefits of Amazing Charts EHR Systems for Primary Care

Amazing Charts EHR for primary care providers gives your clinic an edge with perks that make it an affordable, powerful solution for solo to large practices.

Amazing Charts gives you options to store your software locally, or on the cloud. Most primary care practitioners prefer to use cloud-based installation. By having the software in the cloud, you can access patient charts and other information from anywhere, using any device. Answer patient questions in the patient portal on your mobile phone, send e-prescriptions from your office desktop, or use your laptop to take notes during an appointment.

A local installation provides you with an alternative to cloud-based software. Many practitioners who operate mobile clinics use this local option because they may not be in areas with strong, secure internet connections.

Meet requirements to keep patient data secure and private by using Amazing Charts. Our primary care EHR system on the Cloud protects data from security breaches, helping your practice to stay HIPAA compliant.

Amazing Charts is affordable and scalable. You may opt to start with the basic EHR for primary care in your practice. Using this option is ideal for solo and small practices. This software includes all the features of our primary care EHR that can keep your practice operating smoothly.

As your practice grows, you will need more modules to help with tracking patient billing, managing your practice, or reporting on population health data. Add the modules that you need to create a customized EHR system that has the features you want for your practice at a price that you can afford.

New software typically requires weeks for the entire staff to learn. However, with Amazing Charts, the simple interface is the best option for ease of use. A doctor designed the software based on how he would best use it. The resulting EHR software requires fewer clicks to access patient data and customize reports and templates.

One of our users, Dr. Wendy Gottlieb said, “…there’s no learning curve on it, and it was simple and straightforward.” Many other doctors note using the software with ease by the end of the first day.

What Can a Primary Care EHR Do for Your Practice?

EHR for primary care uses a single platform to reduce wasted time in your practice. With appointment scheduling, charting, notetaking, e-prescribing, and patient portals, you can quickly get through the paperwork side of each patient visit to spend more time talking to your patients. See how Amazing Charts helps to streamline each patient’s visit to your primary care practice below.

Primary Care EHR Software

Set Up Patient Visits

As a primary care provider, you often have patients seeking to set last-minute appointments to address illnesses or other health concerns. With Amazing Charts, you can easily set up and reschedule appointments and record no-shows.

By setting the length for each appointment slot, you can ensure that you give patients the time they require based on their health concerns. The simple software keeps you on top of even last-minute changes to your schedule and helps you to avoid overbooking.

View Patient Charts on One Screen During the Visit

During the visit, you will need access to the patient’s chart and previous visit summaries. Switching between views with a single click helps you to have a full picture of the patient’s previous health information.

Record Visit Information on Pre-Set or Customized Templates

Taking notes during a patient visit takes your mind off the patient while typing. Reduce the time spend taking notes by using pre-set or customized templates. You’ll record the necessary information about the visit without wasting time. You’ll have time to take notes and talk to the patient during the visit to ensure they have appropriate care and attention.

Send Prescriptions Directly to the Pharmacy After a Visit

Following a visit, you can electronically submit a prescription to the patient’s pharmacy. They may be able to pick up the completed prescription on their way home from your office. When patients have an acute illness, the sooner they can take their medications the better. Experience little to no delay between visit and pharmacy with Amazing Charts’ eprescribing system.

Respond to Patient Questions Via the Secure Patient Portal

After the visit, you can stay connected with your patients through the secure messaging system in the patient portal. Patients can send and receive messages, view your notes about their visit, see lab results, and read any educational materials you want to send to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions about our EHR for primary care providers, view the answers to the most commonly asked queries below.

While Amazing Charts is easy to use and has a full suite of additional modules, it also has an affordable price for the basic EHR software. In fact, many of our users are solo practitioners or small practices that need affordable solutions to keep their patient information secure and organized. Learn more about our pricing options and the various modules you can add on our pricing page.

No! The best part about Amazing Charts is its ease of use. In fact, many users note that they feel at ease using the software the first day they install it. For example, Dr. Peter Sundwell, a family physician from Alpine, Utah, said, “…by the end of the day, my partner and I and our staff felt very comfortable with using Amazing Charts.” You can quickly learn how to use the intuitive system in just a few days. Plus, if you do run into technical issues or need further assistance, we have support ready to help you on the phone, through chat, or by email.