Smart Analytics

Smart Analytics

Better understand your business with Smart Analytics.

What can practices do to stay independent and profitable? How can providers make continual changes to improve performance? Our Smart Analytics tool allows you to:

  • Identify the most impactful opportunities for improvement
  • Quickly visualize the current status of key performance metrics
  • Continuously monitor performance in specific areas and the impact on the overall practice
  • See progress as changes to the practice are implemented

Once key areas of improvement are identified, the tool can provide insight into root causes and how issues impact other areas of the practice.

New payment reform initiatives mean that providers will have to deliver care according to specific guidelines in order to receive appropriate payment. Additionally, there will be new reporting and quality requirements that mandate physicians manage the care of their patients beyond the office setting. Physicians will have to know more about their patients and outcomes for reporting and more about their practice performance.

And, just knowing what’s going on won’t be enough; physicians will need access to knowledge and educational resources to make the changes that will lead to improvements in their practice to ensure continued independence and success.

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