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Deliver Convenient, Virtual Care with Updox Telehealth

Increase accessibility and connect to your patients face-to-face, no matter where they are, with state-of-the-art HIPAA-compliant Updox Telehealth. The patient experience is front and center, with a streamlined workflow that mimics an in-person visit using video or audio calls. As a web-based Telehealth solution, there are no apps to download, and it is accessible anywhere, anytime with the internet.

Pricing and Terms

  • Updox Telehealth is $50 per provider with an annual term, which includes Video Chat and Two-way Secure Text. 
  • Get started as a month-to-month service with no contract or long-term commitment.


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Why to choose UPdox?

Cloud Based Fax Services

Updox offers an integrated electronic fax service for physicians. This eliminates the need for a phone line and fax machine as well as manually scanning in paper faxes for upload to an EHR.

AC Integration

Any document that can be printed in Amazing Charts can be automatically delivered to the patient portal or any third-party via fax or secure messaging. Documents imported into the chart can be assigned to custom categories and set notifications in the clinician’s inbox for sign-off.

Secure Patient Portal

Updox provides each physician with a patient portal to share faxes and documents from third parties and Amazing Charts with their patients. Practices can securely message with their patients and have all conversations imported into the patient chart.

Secure Messaging

Updox provides practices with the ability to communicate securely with any third-party clinician, including labs and radiology studies through a secure messaging client. This free download tracks every conversation and event for compliance purposes.

Document Managment

Practices can annotate, mark up, e-sign, and redact information for any document uploaded to the Updox Workspace. Individual pages can be deleted, rearranged, or combined for importing into the chart or sending to the patient portal.

Document Capture

The Updox print driver allows users the ability to print content to a common cloud-based storage file system. Updox also provides an integrated screen capture tool to import information and images from any screen or application.


Updox is web-based, so there is no hardware or additional software needed to deploy the platform. This also allows clinicians to access their files and information from any computer in the office, at home, or even on vacation

Fax Server Module

For practices already using a fax modem and fax server software, Updox can automatically upload your inbound faxes with a one time set up.

Updox Resources

Send, receive and manage all your communications online within a single, easy-to-use Inbox. Send, receive, annotate, and reply to your faxes or route them to the appropriate person or department. Send and receive secure texts or broadcast out a message to a group of patients. Talk online using our Video Chat feature to provide remote care or for post-visit follow-ups. Updox provides a secure patient portal where you can securely exchange documents and messages with patients online. 

Updox is a monthly subscription service, there are no setup fees and no long-term contracts.