"Amazing Charts saved my practice! My reimbursements increased significantly once I started using it."

— E. Griffin III, MD, Family Practitioner and Geriatric Physician


Dr. Bertman's Amazing Journey

Amazing Charts was founded in 2001 by Jonathan Bertman, MD, FAAFP, a family physician in Rhode Island. 

In 1999, Dr. Bertman wanted his office to go paperless. He researched dozens of EMR/EHR products, but found they only frustrated him and slowed office flow.

Making the Decision to Build an EHR

Dr. Bertman wanted an EHR to manage his entire medical practice – from scheduling to intra-office messaging to charting, and even billing. It had to be easy to install, learn, and use.

Plus, he wanted it for a reasonable price – not tens of thousands of dollars. Finding none that came even close to his requirements, he decided to build it himself.

Learning to Program a Software Application

Dr. Bertman purchased dozens of Microsoft Visual Basic and MS-Access programming books and read through them at all hours, learning, trying, failing, and finally succeeding.

Step one, he figured out how to save text to a database and get it back out. Once Dr. Bertman could do that, it was a matter of adding the fields used by physicians, and the corresponding database storage fields.

As saving patient notes got finished, he realized he needed a prescription writing tool, and after that, a scheduling component to book the appointments. Then intra-office messaging.

Soon thereafter, his secretary was blaming him for her weight gain from not having to get up to pull and file the hundreds of medical records that need to be looked at each day.

Making the Leap to a Commercial Product

It soon became apparent that rather than hard-code in his own practice’s data, if he used variables, Dr. Bertman could easily allow other docs the ability to use the program, and perhaps this could supplement his income.

Frequently he'd stay up into the early hours adding features and buttons. This was all while still being a doctor and seeing patients - as he did not want to give up the security of his “day job.”

Slowly the program came together, and between patients in exam rooms, Dr. Bertman would literally go to the computer in his office, open the programming interface, and figure out how best to quickly save the information from the visit. If it took too many clicks, he'd change the process.

Sometimes he would even forget there were patients waiting for him in the exam rooms.

Eventually, Dr. Bertman put the first version of Amazing Charts online to see if any other doctors wanted to use the program. Slowly, but surely, the concept took off...


As word-of-mouth spreads, Amazing Charts has become one of the most popular EHR programs in the United States. With over 7000 practices who have already purchased Amazing Charts (click here to learn more about our users), Amazing Charts provides a much-needed reality check to overpriced and overly complicated EHRs.

Using the Amazing Charts program, overbooked physicians who were rarely home before the kids went to bed, are now arriving in time to help make the salad. And with the money saved not having to pay ridiculous licensing and add-on fees, these same doctors can now collect the maximum benefit from the Federal stimulus.

With Amazing Charts, one's daily practice just got a whole lot better.

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