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— L. Victor Hajos, IQ Computers


The EHR Rated #1 for Usability

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Sure our product is amazingly affordable, user-friendly, and easy to learn, but what is most amazing is that despite costing so much less than other EHRs, in study after study Amazing Charts is consistently rated as being the best.

We encourage you to review the data for yourself, and then ask each vendor you are considering why they charge so much more yet score so much less when their users are surveyed.

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2015 Ratings

#1 EHR for Ease of Use (1-10 Physicians)

The Bottom Line

Amazing Charts is the most usable, the most affordable, and the highest rated EHR on the market today. But the bottom line is that to truly appreciate all Amazing Charts can do for your practice, you need to actually try it.

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