Pediatric EHR

Electronic health record solutions from Amazing Charts support your pediatric practice while you help your patients. The best pediatric EHR software will offer ways to reduce work and stress and smoothly operate your facility.


Key Features of Pediatric EHR Solutions from Amazing Charts

Discover the features that make our EHR solution an ideal tool for your pediatric practice.

Easy Chart Access

Save time on accessing past information about your patients. With our chart access, you have one-click access to patient referrals, charts, previous visit notes, and lab results. Quicker access to older data reduces the chances of wasting time by adding redundant data.

Templates That Reduce Wasted Time

Make sure that you put in only the essential information for your patients. Our templates keep your notes focused and reduce repetitive information. You’ll spend less time inputting data into the EHR and more time with your patients and their parents.

Patient Parent Support Through the Patient Portal

Parents of your practice’s patients can connect to you through the patient portal. Unlike phone calls, you can answer parent questions at any time through a secure emailing system. You don’t have to hurry to return calls during business hours to answer non-urgent questions from parents. The patient portal makes physician-patient communication faster and easier than ever for both parties.

best Ehr software for Pediatric Physician

MACRA Support

Amazing Charts keeps up to date with the latest changes in tracking requirements for pediatricians. Our software includes a Meaningful Use Wizard prior to 2018 to assist practices in tracking their performance for compensation from Medicaid or Medicare.

Since 2015’s Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA), we’ve updated our software to help pediatricians keep up with the changes to ensure compensation. MACRA’s Quality Payment Program (QPP) compensates physicians more fairly for spending more time with patients.

Our software assists your practice with the performance tracking of your providers, which determines the payment from Medicaid your practice receives.

Frequent Software Updates and Readily Available Support

Our pediatrics EHR offers frequent updates. Regular updates ensure that your practice has the most efficient, effective tool at all times for handling the records of your young patients. If you need any assistance with your software, we’re ready to help with email, chat, or phone support.

Cloud-Based Software

Keep your office computers and tablets. You can log all the information needed during the appointment in the room with the patient from your portable computer or tablet. With our cloud-based solution, you can access the software from any secure connection with approved credentials. However, if you prefer to have the system locally installed, we offer that option, too.

Choosing an EHR

Your pediatric practice cannot forego using electronic health record software. As of 2016, 94 percent of pediatricians used an EHR. This software also offers practice management and reduces miscommunications between providers.

Your selection of an EHR matters. You won’t get the same benefits from every pediatric EHR system. In fact, the wrong one could negatively impact your practitioners’ mental health and well-being. A study from 2021 examined the career satisfaction and work-life balance of pediatricians. This study found poor EHR functionality and lack of administrative support correlated to lower career and life satisfaction among pediatricians surveyed.

Don’t settle for just any EHR system. Choose the best pediatric EHR for your practice to improve operations and reduce practitioner burdens. Request a consultation to find out more about how Amazing Charts can benefit your pediatric practice.

What Are the Benefits of an Amazing Charts Pediatric EHR System?

Why does Amazing Charts pediatrics EHR system stand out? When you use our electronic health record, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

With 94 percent of practitioners able to access patient information at the point of care, EHRs provide an invaluable tool for improving diagnostics. When you have a complete picture of the patient’s health, you and other pediatricians at your practice have the necessary data to diagnose the patient.

Additionally, our EHR facilitates interoperability and coordinating patient care, reducing miscommunication and care gaps.

An easy-to-use software that requires minimal clicks to reach your patient chart summaries makes our Amazing Charts pediatric EHR software a superb solution, even for practices with those not technologically savvy.

Quick patient charting means you can input the most important information and avoid putting in data already in the record. You will save time on paperwork at the point of care and have more time to spend with your patients and their parents.

Communicate directly with other practices and specialists with a HIPAA compliant secure emailing system within Amazing Charts.

We team up with Updox, the secure patient portal, to  streamline the sending of referrals and patient data. With the click of a button, send entire charts to other providers so they can have all the information needed to provide quality care for your patient.

Simpler charting and billing reduce time spent staring at a screen. Our system allows signed notes to automatically connect to the patient’s superbill, which goes to storage for the billing department to process.

Faster, simpler operations streamline your practice, freeing everyone from the front office to the practitioners from doing excessive paperwork.

Our system offers templates that simplify notetaking. However, you can easily and quickly create your own custom templates, too. Dr. Galen Chock, a solo pediatrician in Hawaii discovered the benefit of Amazing Charts when he switched from another EMR that took too long to build templates. He created customized alerts simply and discovered that Amazing Charts was more efficient, faster, and easier to use than previous EMR systems he’d tried.

How Pediatrics EHR Software Works for You and Your Patients' Parents

Even before parent’s schedule visits for their kids to your practice, your pediatric EHR system works for them and for you. Our workflow assists you and the parents of your patients at every step of the process of a visit.

Appointment Setup

Many parents call the office to schedule their child’s pediatrician appointments. Our system allows for fast scheduling, rescheduling, and notating missed appointments.

With a simple way to keep track of appointments, you ensure that each patient has plenty of time with you to receive quality care.


If your pediatric patient needs a prescription, you have ready access to tools that let you quickly provide these from the exam room. Our e-prescribing module comes from NewCrop. This SureScripts Certified tool makes prescribing medications to most pharmacies quicker and more secure than using signed paper scripts.

During the Visit

During the visit, when you use our simple system, you spend less time clicking around the screen to see your patient’s chart. Chart summaries, referrals, lab reports, and previous appointment reports all have single-click access within our pediatrics EHR.

Plus, when recording information about the appointment, you can use one of our templates to reduce the effort in taking notes during the visit. Our reporting tool reduces time spent by giving you the most commonly used queries as presets. However, feel free to customize these as your practice requires.

Stay Connected with Parents After the Visit

Our patient portal gives parents of your pediatric patients the chance to email you in a secure system with questions about the visit or their child’s health. Similarly, you can communicate with parents by connecting them with resources that educate them on their child’s health and well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a pediatrician, you know that you need to have extra focus during visits because you must address both your patient and their parents. With our pediatrics EHR system, you reduce the chance of repeating the same information in the system, which reduces your time doing paperwork. You can give your patients the attention they need to ensure that they get the best care you can give to them.

Find out more about our pricing structure and options for software packages on our pricing page. Our pediatrics EHR software gives you an affordable option. Plus, you have a 28-day free trial to decide if this option is the best pediatric EHR software for your practice.

Yes! We designed the system to reduce the number of times that you have to click on the screen to access information. In fact, we are #1 in ease-of-use among EHRs. Making fewer clicks means that you can more quickly get the information you need while attending to your young patients.