"We installed Amazing Charts on a Monday, and my entire staff was using it by that Friday."

                                                        — Dr. Aldo Ciccotelli, Bucks County Family Practice 


Our Roadmap for ICD-10

Amazing Charts is ready for the transition to ICD-10. Let us help you prepare.

Starting October 1, 2015, ICD-10 diagnosis codes must be used for all health care services. Claims will use ICD-9 codes for services provided with an encounter date prior to October 1, 2015. After the deadline most insurers, including Medicare and Medicaid will only accept claims that contain ICD-10 codes.

As of October 1, Amazing Charts and Amazing Charts PM will automatically switch to the ICD-10 mode. 

Our customers with 8.2.2 or later do not need to take action, you will automatically default to ICD-10 mode. (Amazing Charts will allow users to toggle to ICD-9 when necessary for billing.)

Click to view the ICD-10 Frequently Asked Questions. Additional details are included in the Amazing Charts 8.2 Release Notes accessible from the client portal or by clicking the on Amazing Charts Education on your Help tab.

NOTE: To implement  ICD-10 in AC, you must be on Amazing Charts Version 8.2.2 or later. Select Help and then About Amazing Charts on your main screen to learn which version you are currently using.

Learn the Basics

Learn the new coding rules and clinical documentation changes as soon as possible to avoid delays in reimbursement that could be caused by incorrect or insufficient coding on claims.

ICD-10 will require a more granular approach to documenting problems and assembling the 'bill'. The ICD-10 codes should be supported by the details that have been recorded in the clinical record.