We recently received this email from a client who agreed to let us share it with you.

Being a customer support representative is one of the toughest jobs in the world, because you need to help people when they are confused, scared, and sometimes angry.

This email is a small peek into one of the many cases the Guardian Angel support team handles every single day of the year.

I just wanted to pass along my recent experience with Guardian Angel support.  As you know, our server went down in the office early Monday morning.  As you can imagine, everything came to a screeching halt as our entire workflow was adversely effected by not being able to get into our EMR.

I decided the best course of action would be to change one of our workstations into our temporary server.  I was more than willing to do this on my own as I do have some limited computer experience, but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to mess anything up.

We pinged Guardian Angel support through the online chat feature and I received a call from Michael, one of the representatives there. Michael listened to my situation and offered to log in remotely to help me.  Michael graciously offered to do the whole transfer remotely.  He also said he would call me when everything was done.  Sure enough, Michael called me to let me know the transfer was complete and we were back up and running.

As you know, Amazing Charts is our life here.  We do everything through Amazing Charts and when it goes down, panic ensues.  I felt very comfortable from the very start knowing that we were in capable hands.  Michael answered all my questions and concerns and even offered to remote in to get me back up on our server when it was repaired.

Michael is an awesome employee.  He is courteous, professional, and most of all kept communicating with me as promised.  We had an UPDOX issue as well after the transfer and I would also like to thank Aaron, who helped me with that issue as well through the “Help me now” function today.

You have a great team there.  I know you probably get more complaints than compliments in regards to support.   I just wanted you to know that your team is doing a great job!  Keep up the good work and thank you to everyone who helped us with our little “bump in the road”