In the February blog “Documenting a diagnosis of obesity increases the likelihood of clinical management,” Amazing Charts provided tools to help manage your patient panel.  We recognize there are barriers to managing obesity and have more resources available to help overcome these obstacles.

Amazing Charts recognizes that interventions easily implemented in your workflow may reduce barriers to care.  We suggest the following steps to help efficiency:

The Clinical Decision Support system within Amazing Charts helps raise awareness of excess weight based on BMI. Sharing the evidence based recommendation with your patient can help start a discussion.

Obesity counseling in primary care is positively associated with self-reported behavior change in patients with obesity.  Implementing the “5 A’s“, an evidence based intervention, facilitates weight management and promotes physician-patient communication.[i]  The “5 A’s” was modified from a smoking cessation tool and is available in the Obesity section of the ACRC as well as within the AACE Obesity Resource Toolkit.  This document can be modified and incorporated into a template to reflect your practice. Templates can be accessed from almost every text box in Amazing Charts by right-clicking your mouse. View Amazing Charts Contents >Getting Started >User templates to see instructions for customizing templates.

Creating templates with pre-populated text helps with efficiency.  You can document in a complete, accurate, and consistent manner, modifying text where appropriate to capture patient specific nuances.  While you are creating a template for the “5 A’s” you may find it valuable to create a template to document follow-up plans. Arranging follow-up is important so that the support of the physician recommendations can continue.[ii]  For instance Preventive Care and Screening: Body Mass Index (BMI) Screening and Follow-Up Plan CMS69v5 requires a follow-up plan be documented.

Self-management is a critical component for weight management. Collaborative goal setting can incorporate practices and materials the patient needs to implement at home to be effective.  Providing literature, checklists and a food diary is easy with Amazing Charts. Visit the ACRC and download material to save to your Amazing Chart “Practice Documents” or print handouts from the ACRC each time you visit.

At Amazing Charts, we are always looking for ways to help you gain efficiencies while using our EHR.  We hope you find this information useful.