Today, CMS released a proposed rule outlining how the Quality Payment Program (which MIPS falls under) would operate in 2018 and it’s a clear win for physicians who have had to scuttle from one federal program to the next over the last 7 years.

The proposed rule eases requirements on physicians in a number of areas: CMS is proposing that in 2018, clinicians can continue to use the same software they used in 2017, withdrawing an earlier requirement that would have required physicians to upgrade by Jan 1. They’re also proposing exempting more physicians from having to participate in MIPS by increasing the amount of Medicare Part B charges and patients that would make a clinicians eligible. While CMS is proposing an increase in the 2018 performance threshold (aka the number of points you’d need to earn in order to avoid a negative payment adjustment), the proposed rule offers immense relief to clinicians, especially those who work in small practices – like many of our users.