Verification can still be done unassisted, but new security measures mean you may need our help to restore a data backup

At the last meeting of the Amazing Charts Clinician Advisory Board, we were reminded that many clients don’t know about or understand how data backups are: (1) verified for completeness; and (2) restored to a new server in case of an emergency.

New Security Measures Impact Restore

The board’s primary concern is that users are unaware of new security measures in version 9.2, specifically the security credentialing process for new servers being provisioned to run Amazing Charts for the very first time.

Security credentialing impacts the process of restoring a data backup on new servers, not computers that have already run Amazing Charts V9.2 or higher. Our Technical Support team performs this service as part of your Guardian Angel Support.

Let’s divide the Amazing Charts community into three distinct groups and see how each one is affected by this change.

Amazing Charts in the Cloud

The 500+ practices that use Amazing Charts in the Cloud (ACitC) are completely unaffected by this change.  Their data is securely backed-up at redundant offsite facilities nightly.  It is always ready to be restored at a moment’s notice.  We sincerely urge all clients to consider moving to the Cloud for this reason and a myriad of other benefits. A current promotion lets you save 25% for the first year.

On Premise Servers with Amazing Backup

The 1400+ practices that subscribe to Amazing Backup enjoy a fully automated service specifically designed for our EHR data set, including imported items.  Files are stored at a data center with 24/7/365 on-site security, backup power generators, and disaster recovery. Connectivity is via secure encrypted 256-bit SSL.

Daily reports provide practices with the status of their Amazing Backup. These emails alert them of any errors in creating the backup file, so the practice can rest assured that their data is complete and restorable. If the practice doesn’t see two messages daily, they know to contact us immediately.

One major caveat: practices using Amazing Backup must notify us if they make significant changes to their main server as we might need to reinstall Amazing Backup. These changes include upgrading from pre-9.2 versions; reinstalling Amazing Charts to a new directory; or migrating to a new computer.

With no need for additional verification, these practices can focus how to restore their data in an emergency. As mentioned above, restoring backups to a production machine that was previously hosting Amazing Charts V9.2 and higher can be done by the practice without the need to contact technical support.

If restoring to a new computer which was not previously hosting Amazing Charts, the end user will need to contact technical support.  We will credential the new computer and then assist you with the restoration of data.

On Premise Servers Not Using Amazing Backup

Amazing Charts includes a Local Backup utility that runs manually or automatically per user settings.  The utility creates *.bak (back-up) files, then compresses the files into a *.zip folder, and finally encodes the package into an *.enc file.

The local backup utility provides an option to check encryption and zip files for integrity. This will notify the user of any backup errors present in the backup file itself. The utility finishes by saving the encrypted file and deleting all other files.

Restoration of files is the same as with Amazing Backup.  You do not need our assistance if using a server that has run Amazing Charts V9.2 or higher.  Backups can be safely and easily restored by the end user using the Backup Restore utility. New servers must be provisioned by our technical support group.