How to Eliminate Manual Billing Processes

Running a practice is time-consuming and requires you to juggle many tasks, from managing patients to working unpaid claims. But, are your financial practices efficient for streamlined day-to-day operations? Disorganized and manual systems can result in unpaid claims, decreased productivity among staff and unhappy patients. With practices facing financial hardships related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ability to “turn simple administrative tasks into profitable money-making tools” is essential. According to a report by CAQH, “providers now spend 8 minutes on average, and up to 30 minutes on manual tasks, which include making phone calls, sending faxes and mailing correspondence.” The time spent on completing manual tasks such as those could’ve been spent with a patient.

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Utilizing a practice management tool, such as CareTracker PM, can help alleviate these potential issues in addition to improving your daily practice workflows.

CareTracker PM allows you to manage patient records, insurance eligibility, documents and billing – all in one easy-to-use interface. The system allows you to quickly identify coding inconsistencies prior to claims submission, electronically confirm eligibility and claim status and easily identify unpaid claims. 

Additionally, the Dashboard Front Office Command Center acts like a virtual office assistant, monitoring items and notifying you via our smart alerts only if patient data requires your attention – leaving you more time to concentrate on your patients.

CareTracker PM is made to align with your current EHR to fully optimize your practice’s billing and patient data. Our cloud-based solution allows you to connect via web browsers on any computer to access patient data and billing information, available anywhere, anytime.

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