Building a Strong Marketing Mindset for Your New Practice

Because you are creating something that could very well affect the financial future of your medical practice, here are some guidelines to establishing your marketing mindset:

It’s an Investment, Not an Expense

Don’t look at marketing at a necessary evil. Look at it instead as an investment in the future growth of your practice and you will be making much better decisions about what you want to do.

You Offer Solutions, Not Services

Many medical professionals get so caught up in the nuts and bolts of what they do that they forget to tell prospective patients what it means to them in terms of better health and improved lifestyle habits.

Don’t Just Be Busy, Be Mindful

Oprah has it right when she stresses “being in the moment,” even if this applies to marketing. Don’t think that you have a marketing plan just because your practice has a website and a Facebook page. It takes a lot more thought than that to build a purposeful communication strategy that connects with people you want to bring into your practice.

Quit Doing the Same Thing

“We’ve never done it that way” or “We tried it that way once and it failed” are not helpful statements when it comes to crafting a marketing plan. Think about what you continue to do the same way all the time and ask yourself if you are really satisfied with the results. Do you know for a fact that something will not work just because you haven’t tried it before? Or, if something did not work, did you ask yourself why, make some adjustments and try again? Even the best of marketers are constantly testing A/B strategies to find out which one will work better at achieving their goals.

Remember That You’re a Doctor, Not a Marketer

Remember the original Star Trek series where McCoy was always responding, “I’m a doctor, not a…(engineer, mechanic, bricklayer, escalator)”? Well, there was some ring of truth in that. With the right mindset of being open to new marketing ideas, it can be helpful to work with marketing professionals who can point you in the right direction, so you can concentrate on providing outstanding patient care. 

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Opening a new practice is a big undertaking; we collected useful information and a few key recommendations to help out as you embark on this journey. It can be helpful to establish a plan to execute your first steps in the proper sequence, once you know which tasks are prerequisites for others. This helps keep your startup on schedule and helps avoid costly delays. We hope the information we collected here can help you make key start up decisions with confidence and in a timely manner. Our team can help eliminate the headaches of opening a practice so you can enjoy the personal and professional satisfaction that comes with this exciting stage of your career.

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