Opening a Private Practice Can
Help Improve Care

By Kelsey Oliveira

“The promise of more stable income, fewer administrative hassles or a bigger support network are a few of the perceived advantages of being employed by a large hospital or health system. But employment can also come with some disadvantages—both personal and professional.” Lack of control, impersonal management, and long waiting period for top-down decision making are some negatives physicians face when being  associated with a hospital or health care system. Especially with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, many clinicians are looking for more freedom in care delivery by starting their own private practice. By becoming an independent physician, you’re able to treat patients in a more meaningful and individualized way while operating your practice in an effective and streamlined way.

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An EHR Designed By and For Independent Practices

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Kelsey Oliveira is a Marketing Specialist at Amazing Charts and joined the company in 2019. She enjoys providing useful content and resources to help independent practices thrive.